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Defend the CCP

29 August 2012

Police special task force in full military gear is ready to defend the RNC.

The following are some online comments:

- These guys are ready to kill. But who are their enemies?

- You reckless law breaking officials, capitalists and landlords, where is your self-confidence?

- Ultimately, at whom their guns are aiming is a serious question.

- What the f**k is this! Are we having a civil war or facing a large scale Japanese invasion again?

- Now it is so clear, that 1.4 billion Chinese people are the enemies of the government, which is why they are so nervous when holding a meeting. I think it is true to say that when you have done too many bad things, you must be petrified when someone knocks at your door in the night.

- With such advanced military weapons and fighting spirit, these guys shall be able to recover not just one but 10 Diaoyu Islands.

- How come the "people's representatives" are so scared of people.

- They know they lost the support from people.

- You guys [the Party's security guards] look so awesome, dare you take a trip to the Diaoyu Islands?

- The underground communist party is going to have yet another secret conference, so they'll have to be very vigilant.

- When they are with people, they act like masters; when they are with the foreign powers, they behave like servants.

- You know right away what the rotten lots this ruling group represents when you see who their true targets are.

- If they are not going to fight against Japanese, who are they really going to declare war with?

- It looks a fierce class struggle is looming.

- Except nukes, this regime has almost used all military means when dealing with its people.

- These corrupted officials are very creative and brave when they plot how to suppress and exploit people, but extremely dummy and coward when they face Japanese [as well as Washington's] provocation.


the CCP

the Republican National Convention?

Hell, What's the Difference!

Bo Xilai Supporters: It's Not the End, Just a Continuation of His Mission

Bo Xilai supporters keep up a steady stream of references to the many Chinese people's grievances against the 18th CCPC insiders even as the event, whose theme is “To support Bo Xilai is to support our future!” debuted a detournement of the grassroots “Bo Xilai Reform” stencil logo reading: “Support Bo Xilai Til the End (挺薄到底).”

This was the divide the event danced around: Are they a full service people's movement or a faction of the CCP Party? The only solid answer that arose from the sentiment is: both.

Bo Xilai keeps being Bo Xilai, the man refused to bow to the Wall Street's local representatives who are promoting multinational's absolute dominance in China and their GM food products aiming both at controlling China's food production and achieving Chinese population's fast reduction, the man steadfastly opposed to Wen Jiabao's policy that allows the corporate government and free-market capitalism to distribute money upward to the rich and well-connected. He’s for the exploited and the suppressed, pushing a thick philosophical conception of the core value of the Chinese classics and Mao Zedong Thought, as the key to a truly independent and prosperous China for all citizens. In his last public speech on March 9 this year, he was more explicit than usual, declaring that "敢同恶鬼争高下,不向霸王让寸分" - he is not afraid to challenge the vicious devils [the Wen Jiabao Clique], and will never bow to the bully dictators [the Anhui Gang]).

Despite all the talk of “Bo Xilai's final downfall" after Bogus trial in Anhui Gang's lair, his supporters are going to continue the fight. For them, the campaign to support Bo Xilai is eternal.

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CCP Shuns Bo Xilai, Supporters Root For Li Keqiang's Ultimate Defeat. And Defeated this cold-blooded serpent will be, no matter how long it takes

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