Behind The Collapse of a China Bridge

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Behind The Collapse of a China Bridge

26 August2012

忧: 党中央后天下之忧而忧

Harbin, a city that had produced a tough and durable tombstone in commemoration of dead Japanese colonists which 5 strong Chinese men driven by towering rage over the local officials' high treason act were unable to smash up, has also produced a fragile and short-lived bridge that killed three and injured five when it partially collapsed on Friday morning.

The bridge that cost 1.8 billion yuans to build is brand new, just completed 18 month ago.

We wonder how solid Wen Jiabao's GDP figure would be, given it is mainly based on the boom in the construction industry. And we are also mystified how China's top leader Hu Jintao can just sit and watch the progress of China development to derail in the hand of Wen Jiabao-Li Keqiang administration. Apart from the political power struggle over the coming conference through the persecution of the capable official that doesn't belong to his camp and through the promotion of the corrupt officials from his Anhui Gang, does anything else would ever worry him much?

What Chinese Say

About the collapse of the brand new bridge in Harbin:

酷酷n小猪头 (

Nanjing Yangtze Bridge has stood for half a century with a much longer span comparing to that in Harbin. Despite its road surface is worn due to heavy traffic flow, it's structure has not been damaged. What's the problem with the newly built bridges? Is today's technology less advantaged than the 60s and the 70s, or Chinese people become more stupid than before?



Because by then China had a much stronger leadership, so were the bridges.

老桥像武汉长江大桥 那么多年都没事 还是在技术落后老大哥修一半跑了的情况下竣工的 那时候有毛盯着 果然就是不一样 现在21世纪的桥反而脆得很,技术倒退,还是道德倒退了呢?


If the bridges don't collapse, we won't have chances to build new ones; if we don't build new bridges, how are we supposed to make money?

不塌,怎么 赚钱


You right, mate. More bridges to repair, more jobs created, and more money to be made..



And it will also help China's GDP figure to grow.



This is the effect of 4 trillion yuans stimulus package as it is predicted by some people earlier. It took years to evaluate the feasibility of the Three Gorges Dam Project, yet Wen Jiabao's 4 trillion yuans expense could be approved without any debate and evaluation.


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Do you know who won the contracts of the stimulus projects in Chengdu [the capital city of Sichuan Province]? Here is a clue: Sichuan's CCP Chief is Hu Jintao's brother-in-law.

As for Wen Jiabao family - what can be said? It is the most greedy and corrupted household in China.

And then it is Li Keqiang (the premier-wanna-be), as soon as he helped to bring down Bo Xilai, his family immediately went to Chongqing to get their share in the stimulus package.

Which is why these people can never tolerate anybody in their rank that attempts to declare his family assets. [Bo Xilai announced he was going to do so, that is why he must be destroyed]






颜色革命可以通过很多形式完成。前苏联的解体是因为街头示威吗?非也;是源于“顶层设计”。据说华盛顿的中国彩色装修工程在2008年已完成了46%,至2010年已完成了62%,预计到2012年十月有望全面完工 - 泛美地产中国分公司总经理温家宝已经立下誓言:这届政府能办到的事绝不拖到下一届(包括跑步进入殖民地化的初级阶段“全面私有化”)。至于收回被邻居占有的菜园子养鱼池嘛,总经理和总书记都坚信他们的下一代会比他们更有智慧 (也是,整个庄园都被拍卖了,菜园鱼塘为谁收回?)。

After The Overturn of a China Truck

乐: 国务院先天下之乐而乐

About a month ago on July 17, a truck crashed into fence, fell off the road and overturned in Zhejiang Province, which exposed a truck load of top-quality wine valued at a million of yuans, with notes marked on the boxes specifying "special provision to the State Council and the State Prosecution (or State Inspection) Office" (国务院特供、国检特供).

Prior to this traffic accident, Chinese people had no idea that Wen Jiabao-Li Keqiang and their offices would consume expensive liquor in such a large quantity, and after the crash, Chinese people still have no clue in terms of what the office "国检" actually does.

What Chinese Say

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