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A Circle Is to Complete

22 August 2012

36 Years ago on March 8 in a Fire Dragon Year, a meteor shower fell in Jilin Province in China's northeast, with the biggest one weighted at 1.77 tons. A month later, April 5 Incident erupted; 6 months later, Mao Zedong passed away; 7 months later, a political coup took place and the Gang of Four were arrested, and China entered a new era. It has to be said that the change at the time was overwhelmingly welcomed by the majority of Chinese people from all walks of life.

According to the Five Agents theory, Fire gives birth to Earth (1988 is an Earth Dragon year), thus China has been turned into a giant construction field and a modern China emerged in the East (at least in its physical appearance in the eastern seaboard of China).

Again, according to the Five Agents theory, Earth nurtures Metal (2000 is a Metal Dragon Year), while gold and coin are all metals, therefore China's GDP figures keep rising and Chinese government becomes the richest regime in the world, to the point it "doesn't even know how to spend all its savings" - claimed some State Council's top economic consultants in their interviews with the Western media - and "which is why it invested 3,000 billion in US home loan."

"You invest such a big amount into a single product, which could be quite risky," a timid foreign journalist commented. "Oh, if one can't bear loss, he shouldn't be in the business," the Chinese consultant replied in upbeat mood, "after all, the money isn't a problem, Chinese government just has too much money in its hand."

But, gosh, the universe is running in circles, and that is a universal truth, thus Metal eventually rusts and melts away and becomes Water, hence in the Water Dragon Year 2012, Beijing flooded in July, Chongqing inundated in August, Hefei deluged on the both days when it tried and sentenced Gu Kailai, and meteor rain once again fell in Jilin Province in China's northeast on August 13.

A circle is closing.


Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. (Quote from John F. Kennedy)

阻碍文革必引起武革 肯尼迪语录)。


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