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Chinese Look to Spiritual Guidance from the Late Leader Mao Zedong

22 August 2012

When We've lost in the rain,
In your Thoughts we know we'll find the way;
When we've lost our ground,
With your legacy we know we can turn it all around.

More than 30 years after his departure from the mortal world, whenever China is in trouble, Mao Zedong would still be the man that Chinese people look to the leadership, if not physically, at least spiritually.

At the Weekend's protest rally against Japan's unwarranted presence in China's Diaoyu Islands, Mao Zedong's portraits were raised high.

The message on the banner: Chairman, Japanese devils invaded our marine territory again!

One viewer commented at weibo: "Whenever one has a problem, Chairman Mao is always the one to turn to"'

Another responded to the comment: "Who else Chinese people can now turn to otherwise?"

The message on the banner: "China needs Chairman Mao."

People in Guangzhou held up Mao Zedong's portraits during the anti-Japanese demonstration.

Another scene in Guangzhou protest

But why Chinese turn to a historical future for help and guidance? The answer is straight forward: Because his practice and ideas about how to build a better China is time-tested, and because there is no one else to turn to at the moment.

There was a hope as recently as a few month ago that China may still can have a new generation of strong, wise and decent leadership. But the hope is trashed, repeatedly. With Wen Jiabao clique and Anhui Gang expected to dominate the whatever the conference and whatever the committee to serve the interest of the world power and the rich few, people see no light at the end of the tunnel except pitch darkness, so they have no choice but to look back for inspiration.

- Morning News: Sky is so dark, the storm is looming / dark sky, dark, dark.

- August 20, 2012, 23.59pm [hours after Gu Kailai sentence was announced by Hefei Court]: Violent thunderstorm slashes through Hefei

- Hell breaks loose for Hefei and all those behind the trial plot.

- Heaven has sensed people's outrage, and is now enraged over the lawlessness in China.

- According to the ancient Mo School theory, the regime that respects and serves the people will be protected, while the regime that suppresses and enslaves the people will be punished. If those in power take no notice of Heaven's wrath, they'll be forced to learn their lesson in a hard way pretty soon.

- This is the most violent storm in the recent years, the thunder is explosive, and the rain just pours down from the sky, which reminds me of an old saying "bolts of lightening will hit those doing evil to others." -- I do believe some folks in government deserve lightning strike.

- That is the sign that the Heaven is no longer able to hold back its anger.

- A circle is about to close.

- Our forecast: the new dawn for China is about to come.

- The Heaven is always watching what people are doing..

- I'm on business trip in Shenyang [the capital city of Liaoning where Bo Xilai used to be the provincial chief] today and talked to the cab drivers about Bo Xilai. They all say he was a wonderful leader.

- Gu Kailai won the legal battle for Chinese in the US but lost her legal fight to a Briton in China. The UK government said its citizen died of natural cause in a foreign land, but Chinese government insists its citizens must pay the price for the death of a foreigner.

- We watched how they created the show, we watched how they built the stage and we are watching how the stage is to collapse...

- The type of the drug that killed Heywood keeps changing, while they still claim they respect truth, which only means their truth is very elusive.

- Hefei Medium Court will go down history as the central stage of the persecution of the century.


This is China's first aircraft carrier newly reincarnated in Chinese maritime territory, measuring 300m long, 72m wide with a tonnage of 65000. Luo Yuan, a PLA General, suggests it should be named "Diaoyu Islands".

But the impressive physique alone is not enough to make it a steel warrior; it needs to be empowered with awe-inspring spirit in order to be turned into a section of the Great Wall at sea. And such spirit at the moment in China can only be found in Mao Zedong's Thought - the soul of the rejuvenating Chinese civilization.

A hill-size bust of the youthful Mao Zedong towering the land of his home province Hunan

Which is why Washington and Wall Street would do everything to demonise him and his followers, because in his life and in his death, he forever stands in their way to the New World Order in which W-W bunch can dictate and enslave the entire human race.

In the recent 30 years, especially (特别是) in the past decade, the New World masters-wanna-be have recruited a fleet of local collaborators in China's economic, legal, culture and education sectors, with their best allies occupying the premier's office.

And in the past 10 years, there was only one man from a prominent government position openly challenging Washington's attempt to impose the New World Order in China.

This man is Bo Xilai.

Which is why Bo Xilai is so dangerous to Washington and the Wall Street, and must be destroyed in whatever way possible at whatever the cost.

And destroyed Bo Xilai has been, along with his beloved and faithful wife Gu Kailai.

Hours after Hefei court announced its guilty verdict against innocent Gu Kailai for murdering no one, the skies in Chongqing, where Bo Xilai couple lived for four years, turned gloomy and started weeping.

The similar meteorological phenomena appeared in Hefei, only much more severe, with tons of tears dropped to the ground as though trying to help the city to wash away the sins acquired by the corrupted local officials.

On August 7, just two days before the fake trial of Gu Kailai, part of the "No. 1 Gate of the Great Wall" (万里长城第一关) in the outskirts of Beijing fell apart in a heavy downpour. That section was newly renovated by private contractors - one more tragic testimony to disastrous consequence of Premier Wen Jiabao's privatization rush.

Without a grand spirit to hold the nation together, the Great Wall on land is just a pile of rubble, and the Great Wall at sea could just be a giant steel-berger.

The following video clips reveal how a gigantic termite eats up the framework of China structure while her husband's acid crocodile tears keep eroding the brickwork of the Great Wall:

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's wife Zhang Peili visited an exclusive Taiwan jewellery store in Beijing and purchased two pieces of feitsui items, with each priced at millions of yuans.

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