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The schemers May Win the Day,
but Justice Will Prevail Eventually

20 August 2012

Gu Kailai and her colleagues celebrated their landmark victory of a legal battle over trade disputes between China and the US.

Another celebration for Chinese people's historical victory against the treacherous gang currently dictating China's political, legal and economic systems shall come soon.

But before that day arrives, one may need to get on the field and get his hand dirty, like what Gu Kailai and her colleagues once did during their preparation for the courtroom showdown.

During the showdown in the US court, Gu Kailai and her colleagues got together for a photo op.

But during the trial in a Chinese court, Gu Kailai was not only unable to choose her legal aid but denied a right to meet her family members, including her 90-year-old mother. Is this an attempt to cover up the fake identity plot?

The farcical trial by the corrupted Hefei court is way beyond just being unprofessional, but entirely unlawful with a strong perjury allegation raised around the world, thus its verdict is invalid.

The following post appeared on an overseas Chinese blog is just one of many messages left online questioning the authenticity of the defendants' identity presented in the Hefei court hearing. Some further augur that if Heywood indeed died in a suspicious circumstance, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao [and vice-premier Li Keqiang who wants the premier's job badly yet the public opinion in China is against such promotion but in favour of Bo Xilai, as well as Obama administration behind Li and Wen, and the force behind Obama administration] is/are the prime suspect(s) since Wen [and Li] is/are the one(s) profited most from the whole incident.



A good leader is not the one who knows how to control people's action but the one who knows how to direct people's heart; A good heart director is not the one who knows how to guide people's heart, but the one who knows how to rein in his own heart.

-- a quote from Master Xuecheng, the abbot of Beijing Longquan Monastery and one of the most enlightened Buddhist monks of our time)

If you think there are trick concrete strips to stop you from driving ahead, then you have been misled by somebody's carefully planned visual trick. The truth is, there is nothing tangible there except the pedestrian crossing lines painted on the ground in a Chinese city called Taizhou in Zhejiang Province.

The same trick has been adapted by a Chinese court in Anhui - the ancestral province of Chinese President Hu Jintao, the home province of vice premier Li Keqiang, of head of Guangdong CCP Wang Yang and of the 18 lazy bones from Xiaogang Village.

The court tried and sentenced Gu Kailai to death for the murder of no one.

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