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Time to play Chess

19 August 2012


Traditional Chinese chess game: Can the red army still rise above the occasion? Yes, if the red soldier deep in the enemy camp takes the first move and prepares to perish with the enemies together.

What Chinese Say

About the current China situation:

燕王 (

It reminds me of 1976.

It was also a dragon year with rumours spreading like wild fire. It was also a year when people were looking for a big change. The fall of Deng Xiaoping ignited people's anger which resulted the April 5 Incident.

36 years ago - that was also an Election Year in the US, of course by then Chinese didn't care much what happened in that remote country. But otherwise, everything is just like this year.

I remember during the April 5 Incident, a key figure was identified as "buzz cut guy" by the authority, and this time we have "Bogu Kailai".


那也是个龙年,也是官方说的“谣言满天飞”的年代。 也是全民人心思变。邓下台后 - “走资本主义路线的当权派”,简称“走资派”,引发大家不满 - 4.5.


记得,“4.5 天安门事件”里特别提到了 “一个剃‘小平头’”的家伙。想起了今天的 “簿谷开来”。


What Chinese Say

About the Bogus trial:

大陆来的 (

Yesterday I met some of my friends working at all sorts of different industries and businesses, some are within the state system, and everyone condemned Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao for what they've done to Bo Xilai family and to the country.

Everybody hates Wen Jiabao to his guts. They may fancy they can close this chapter quickly, but they'll realise in no time that the drama has just unfolded.



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