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Chinese Premier & Diaoyu Islands

17 August 2012

14 Chinese from Hong Kong, the Mainland & Taiwan landed on the Diaoyu Islands, a war trophy that is still under Japanese army's occupation despite it is ordered to be returned to China after Japan's unconditional surrender on August 15, 1945.


Japanese governments are not the only ones to blame for Japan's audacity to hold the mentality of aggression. The current Chinese administration is equally guilty of selling Chinese interest for satisfying their hunger for power and wealth.

While Chinese President Hu Jintao behaves more and more like Ma Ying-jeou, the chief of Taiwan Island who is seriously lacking of will, guts and ability to defend Chinese territory, Premier Wen Jiabao is increasingly viewed by Chinese people as the mainland version of Lee Teng-hui, a former member of Chinese Communist Party, a former member of CCP's rival the Nationalist Party, who once ruled Taiwan on the behalf of Japanese government.

Like Lee Teng-hui who has a brother that was a war criminal serving the Japanese Imperial Army and was killed by the Chinese resistance force, Wen Jiabao has an uncle who committed crimes of high treason by collaborating with Japanese occupation troops and was executed by the CCP government.

Thus when Lee Teng-hui became Taiwan "president", he began his plan to transform the island as the part of Japan, and later declared he was not only initially a Japanese but had a registered Japanese name, and took a pilgrim to Yasukuni Shrine where convicted war criminals, including his brother, were housed.

Thus when Wen Jiabao became the Mainland's premier, he activated his plot to rehabilitate all hanjians (traitors) from the Song Dynasty to the WWII, and later proclaimed Chinese victims not only should not keep pursuing Japanese mass murderers (like what Jews are doing to Nazis) but must not harbour the grudge against the perpetrators (决不延续仇恨), and forced the people in Shanghai and the surrounding areas to consume radioactively contaminated Japanese seafood.

Now since Japanese army has arrested 14 Chinese for landing on the Diaoyu Islands for the purpose of reclaiming Chinese territory and/or of whatever the extra motivations some of the men might entertain, entirely out of their own initiative or partly manipulated by someone lese, there are demands heard in China calling Wen Jiabao to follow the footsteps of former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and current South Korean President Lee Myung Bak to tour their territories claimed by Japanese.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao: Hi, people, please don't put me on fishing boat and send me to Diaoyu Islands, because, you see, if you allow me to stay on the Diaoyu Dais in the Mideast Sea to the end of this year, we can certainly reach our GDP target for 2012; and if you further let me dwell in the premier's office until the end of 2022, we can certainly reach our GDP targets for next 10 years. And now, my dear, you need not to worry, cuz I will never set my foot on Diaoyu Islands, so please keep your smear campaign against my political rival Bo Xilai and his family - I will reward you dearly, trust me.

Japanese PM Yoshihiko Noda: Listen, if you're really sincere, you should completely relinquish China's sovereign rights on Diaoyu Islands.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao: We two who and who? You people are my old family friends for Amaterasu-ōmikami's sake! I miss you guys soooooooo much, and I've already made a promise that whatever you do to China I will never get upset. Say my father's cousin, that uncle of mine, the former Tianjin Mayor - remember him? Yah, he once worked for His Majesty the divine descendant of the sun goddess and died for the sacred imperial course. I've also noticed that in some parts of Tokyo the radiation level is even higher than in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zones immediately after the nuclear power plant disaster, and it is possible that one day the entire Japan might be rendered inhabitable, while Diaoyu Islands alone won't be enough to accommodate over 100 million Japanese populations .... Look, I've quietly worked on a mission that is to vacant the land of China through stringent one child policy enforced by mainly Manchu and ethnic Korean directors, and through forcing Chinese people to eat gmo food that will reduce their reproduction capacities. Trust me, before long ... you know ... Oh, why my eyes are forever wet with tear, cuz my love for this land is so dear -

Japanese PM Yoshihiko Noda: Oh, no, you almost make me cry. All right, Japanese media will keep fabricating stories against your sworn enemies ...


You Sure, These Are Your Toes?

Russia: Let me remind you, the descendants of the war criminals, you must return all your war trophies and keep paying your fines, otherwise, you will be condemned to life in prison deep, deep, deep in the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. By the way, do me a favour, please never think of becoming a permanent member of UN Security Council, so as not to waste our time in keeping rejecting your applications, won't you?

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