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What Chinese Say About the Bogus Trial by an Anhui Court

15 August 2012

- The verdict on the Bogus trial will be over turned by history for sure, because it is a bogus case right from the beginning.

- Some at the top level of the government want to carry out the murder in the name of law in order to silencing the whistle blowers.

- The regime is forcing the people to revolt.

- All those who involved in this bogus case will be tried one day.

- The regime is going to burn itself by setting up the wild fire.

- Hefei will be remembered as a city of sin.

- Wen Jiabao's descendants could be in big big trouble.

- Gu Kailai is a lawyer. If she were allowed to speak, all lies will be exposed, which is why they did not even dare to let her show up in the hearing.

普通中国人 (




This is not the White House, but the office building of mere a district government in the poverty-stricken Fuyang City in Anhui Province (安徽阜阳市颍泉区).

For getting the land to erect the White House style office palace for themselves, the Anhui officials demolished Gaojin Primary School (高井小学) newly built in 90s and forced the students back to the rundown classrooms constructed in 60s.

According to a report by the China Youth on March 13, 2008, Anhui resident Li Huofu (李国福), the whistle blower of this corruption scandal was arrested and died in a suspicious circumstance at the No.1 Anhui Prison (安徽第一监狱). This suspected murder case has so far not been investigated.

What Chinese Say

About the Anhui officials:







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