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Cambridge must come clean
on the £3.7 million
it has received from
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's Son-In-Law

15 August 2012

Here is the excerpt of an article by Peter Foster published in an UK newspaper in February this year:

Cambridge University has accepted £3.7m from a Chinese foundation to endow a new professorship into Development Studies.

the key fact is this: the donation has been given by a completely unknown, anonymous Chinese foundation called “Chong Hua”.

Chong Hua has no website, no listed office in Britain, no record of its funding, no published list of trustees, no public mission statement.

The don who is due to be the first recipient of the Chong Hua professorship is Peter Nolan, a well-respected China academic, who also happens to have published a book and several papers with Liu Chunhang, the son-in-law of Wen Jiabao, China’s prime minister.

Mr Liu, 40, is currently the head of both the statistics and research departments at the China Bank Regulatory Commission, highly influential positions in a country where all major banks are owned by the state. Professor Nolan is also said by colleagues, including one I spoke to in China, to have taught Wen Ruchun, the daughter of Wen Jiabao.

Chinese government "is currently spending untold amounts of money– we can’t know how much, but like everything else in China it’s a state secret – on its "soft power", projecting an image abroad that (I can vouch from experience) is at odds with the reality at home."

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据英国“电讯报”报道,剑桥大学教授彼得·挪拉 (Peter Nola) 收到中华基金会(Zhong Hua Foundation)370万英镑的专项捐款, 用于在研究中心的中国发展部创建一个新的项目.

彼得·挪拉是温家宝女婿刘春航的研究生导师,著作合著人,并曾被聘为温家宝女儿温如春的外籍家庭教师 。




Chinese Advice to Hu Jintao

On Wen Jiabao family's persecution of Bo Xilai family:




- Wen Jiabao is a leading actor in a long running soap opera that lasts for ten years and will be forced to kneel before the national heroes he persecuted for ten thousand years to come.

- I would support anyone who can bring Wen Jiabao to face justice

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