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a Recycle of History

12 August 2012

Sufferings & Sacrifice before 1949 Under the Corrupted Chiang Kai-shek government that only Represented the rich and Powerful few in the country

Beijing Opera: Butterfly's Love (蝶恋花)

Li Weikang (李维康) as Mao Zedong's wife & soul mate Yang Kaihui (杨开慧) who was killed by Nationalist Government for refusing to denounce her husband


Sufferings & Sacrifice in the 21st Century Under Wen Jiabao Regime that only Represents the rich and Powerful Few in China and in the United States


An old woman struggles to survive in her bare home.


A young girl collects firewood in the freezing cold weather without enough clothes to keep herself warm.


A village classroom with a root full of holes.


A little girl cooks her meal in a broken wok.


A hungry boy eats whatever he can found on the ground.


In the chilly night of Chinese New Year's eve, this elderly can only sleep on Shenzhen street in Guangdong Province that is under the rule of Anhui Gang member Wang Yang.


Under a genocidal one-child policy that used to be administrated by Li Bin, now the head of Anhui Province which hosted the trial of the century, a great number of Han Chinese baby girls were abandoned hours or days after they were born. This one month-old girl was found left to die on street with many cuts in her tiny body.


This miner is only 17-year old but has to work full time to support his family. One trip from the deep down to the ground with the heavy load of coal on his back only earns him 1 yuan (less than 20 cents)


This peasant worker was beaten badly by the private security guards of his employer, the owner of a private business, for daring to ask his wage to be paid.


While Wang Yang's cop in Guangdong would help the businessmen to crackdown the workers demanding the payment, police in Chongqing were ordered by Bo Xilai to assist the workers to get their money back. As an excellent legal expert and the true soul mate of her husband, Gu Kailai always stood behind her man serving as a source of support. For this, they become the target of the corrupted and the criminals at home and abroad.


But Chinese people know she is innocent and her husband is innocent. On the day of the trial, some of her supporters risked their personal safety to make their presence felt by the nation.


Wen Jiabao regime and Anhui Gang may psychologically abuse her, psychically torture her, use her care for her loved ones to blackmail her, or even order somebody to impersonate her, but Gu Kailai will never bow to the fate.


Gu Kailai as a keynote speaker at an international law conference.

Justice will prevail before long!


Gu Kailai and her husband Bo Xilai. Gu was wrongly convicted on 9 August in her absence by an Anhui court that should be investigated for the crimes of conducting a trial.

Gu Kailai with US senator during her visit to America on the invitation of the US Congress after her landmark legal victory won in the US court in defending of China's business interest.

The former US State Secretary Henry Kissinger and his wife viewing the photos of Gu Kailai's Chinese law firm. Gu Kailai is clearly fully of proud of her work and Kissinger couple are seemingly full of appreciation for her achievement (even though they may also feel apprehensive). Such respect (and apprehension) cannot be gained through fawning, cadging and cringing as an old woman (say Hillary Clinton)'s lap dog, like what Wen Jiabao, Li Keqiang, He Weifang (US agent in China's legal field), Li Zhuang (a corrupted lawyer) have displayed. You have to be a qualified rival to win respect from people who are still clinging to the jungle mentality.

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