Questions on the Mock Trial of Gu Kailai

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Questions on the Trial of Gu Kailai

10 August 2012


This is not a real trial - the court, the judges, the lawyers, the charge and the verdict are all pre-determined by the authority.



Here are the Questions:

1) Where are the prosecutors' evidences against the accused? If there is any, how they/it were/was collected?

2) In which way the prosecutors can prove their evidences presented to the judges have not been contaminated?

3) Based on what ground the prosecutors determine the deceased was not died of any other causes?

4) Which witnesses testified in the hearing?

5) What is the statement of the accused?

6) How the lawyers carried out their cross-examination of the witnesses?

So far I found no answer to any of above questions.

And most importantly, since this is said to be an ordinary criminal case, it shall relate to no state security matters, then why Chinese public is denied access to the court hearing while the foreign officials are invited to witness the trail? Whose interest China's legal system is serving? Chinese people or foreign government?

1)检方提供的证据(检材)是什么?是如何取得和保存 的?


3)检方是如何确认死 之排他性的死因的?







There is an important revision made in the latest edition of the story: the co-accused has been transformed from a service personnel to Bo family into a staff member at General Office of Chongqing CCP Committee. Note, the service personnel to the members of the Politburo are appointed by the Central Guard Regiment, while Central Guard Regiment is in the charge of the General Office of the Central Committee and the General Office of the Central Committee reports to Hu Jintao.

Now you see the trick, don't you?

The second revision is about the name of the drug that is supposedly to have killed Heywood. Initially it is said to be cyanide, but since the alleged cyanide poisoning symptom described in the official report is found by Chinese Netizens to be in conflict with the scientific definition, the new version of the murder story dares not to specify the type of the drug.

So here are questions:

1, In which way did Zhang the co-accused get contacted with Heywood when he invited him to visit Chongqing? By telephone or by mail? It should not be difficult to find the record of the correspondence, so please present the evidence to prove such contact did take place;

2, With what kind of transportation did Zhang travel to Beijing and then escort Heywood to Chongqing? By train or flight? Please show the travel document.

3, Since Zhang accompanied Heywood to Chongqing as the host, he must have helped his guest to check in a hotel. Please reveal the video footage that show Zhang was indeed with Heywood at registration counter.

The new detail added into the story also include Gu Kailai's visit to the hotel. It is said that she had a drink with Heywood, and when Heywood was drunk, she fed him with poisoning drug. But this time the name of the drug is not released.

To my mind these two revisions (the change of the co-accuser's identity and the stop mentioning the name of the drug again) are the keys to the truth behind the drama, following which we shall be able to find who are the real culprits [If not the ones who killed Heywood then the ones who framed Gu Kailai].

4, Please present hotel video footage to prove Gu did entered Heywood's room and the time she left the premises.

5, Please be specific in terms of what brand of alcohol they drank, whether it was brought to the room by Gu Kailai or provided by the hotel. If the latter was the case, please show the bill.



其次,由于网络对氰化物下毒漏洞百出的科普,新版本于是将具体何种毒药捣成糊成 笼统的“毒药”。





新增加的细节:张邀约并陪尼从京到渝;11月13日晚谷到尼酒店房间,与尼喝酒 喝茶,尼醉,喝水时张将毒药倒入尼口中。仍然不敢指明系什么毒药能倒入口中倒毙这两处的改进,果然如大家所料,就是为所谓的不敢说清楚的证据以及证据提供者掩饰,恰恰这两处,能直接牵出事件的真正幕后主使人[老伪娘洛大使自然是那个为中情局大官人穿针引线的王婆, 但如果海某人果然是被人毒死的,谁是潘金莲?然则按苦主海母海妻海友的声明及态度分析,有策划鸠毒他人夫、诱骗王进米使馆嫌疑的似当在下列数人中寻找: 胡的手下 ... 温或其手下 ... 贺或其手下 ... 令或其同伙 ... 李或其同伙 ... 汪或其同伙 ... 庄或其舅或其前老板或其舅/前老板朝中同伙 ... ... ]


5、谷陪尼饮酒,饮何种酒,哪来的酒,如系酒店提供,出示酒店帐单。 至于笼统的杀人动机,暂且就不追问了,那部分能提出请官方证实的问题就更多了.


What I want to know is:

Who is responsible for the initial draft and the revision of the story?





Gu Kailai answered the audience inquires at Los Angeles 1300 radio station during an interview on the case that she won in US court on China's behalf.

Gu Kailai and her teacher Professor Wang Tieya, judge of the International Court of Justice.

Gu Kailai and late US Senator Edward Kennedy

Gu Kailai and the head of the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs who invited Gu to make a speech before US Congress explaining how China's legal system works (or should say use to work, as by now Wen-Hu regime has no respect for either China's constitution or rules and laws, but deeply entangled with the criminal organizations from Chongqing, Guangdong, Anhui and many other places).

While Gu Kailai won respect in the United States for her outstanding court performance and splendid legal victory in defending China's business interest, at home, Chinese government lost respect from its people due to its reckless disregard for the basic human rights of humble home owners and poor street vendors ...

This is how Wen Jiabao's newly invented armed force "Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau " treat the peddler.

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