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What Chinese People Say
About the Bogus Murder Trial (2)

1 August 2012

- The People's Congress must investigate premier's wife's jade deal at a Taiwan jewellery shop.

- Bo Xilai had successfully reduced the gap between the rich and the poor in Chongqing, which is why he is widely supported.

- If it is crime to turn a backward Dalian [Bo Xilai was once the chief there] into Hong Kong in the northern China, and to turn a rundown Chongqing into a giant garden, they we are willing to be the accomplices of Bo Xilai and will support him until our last breadth.

- I went to Chongqing recently and was told by cab drivers that the heaven is in tears that cause the heavy rain across the country.

- Persecuting political rival's family, this regime goes so low.

- No one in this country has committed bigger crimes than Wen Jiabao who giving away our money to his US master to exchange his personal and family interest.

- Somebody said it is a big loss for China's science as Wen Jiabao takes up political career. The truth is it is the big loss for China's politics as Wen Jiabao has taken up political career.

- According to this latest government announcement, my understanding, it is not Gu Kailai being greedy, but Heywood trying to extort money; it is not Gu Kailai killing Heywood, but Heywood attempting to kill her son, which is why the family of the deceased insists that he was died of heart attack [We think Heywood family should demand Chinese government to provide the hard evidence to prove this vicious implications against the deceased, otherwise a legal action ought to be taken - Multipletext]. However, since he is a British, Chinese government cannot bear to see him die young, so some Chinese people must be made to pay for his untimely death; on the other hand, a Briton who raped a Chinese girl on Beijing street will not be punished, not at all, since this government will protect British nationals' privilege on hurting Chinese citizens whenever they please.

- This is the current China rulers. They view Chinese people as their burden, view military police as their body guards.

- Premier Wen Jiabao, you let a British citizen go free after he raped a Chinese on street, you let a good official and his wife go to fail for the natural death of a British citizen, you are not only the friend of Americans, but the sworn brother of Queen Elizabeth.

- Since it is said to be a criminal case, what the right the government has to give the verdict? Is it not a prove that it is a political persecution?

- They've determined to persecute Bo Xilai; if there were no Heywood, they would find Heymud, Heywater, Heyfire or Heymetal.

- The Communist Youth League [a political faction to which Chinese president Hu Jiabao, Vice Premier Li Keqiang and Guangdong chief Wang Yang belong ] is almost like a criminal gang!

- This is their way to persecute the husband through his wife.

- Anhui sucks! [a province that produced Li Keqiang, Wang Yang, American's general in PLA Liu Yazhou不学无术欺师灭祖的带路将军刘亚洲and other 18 suckers from Xiaogang Village] [今上胡或以为安徽帮从此党政军三权一统,可以籍此号令天下了,却不知观李相、察汪行、听刘言,全都是随时可以卖主求荣的机会主义份子。]

- We demand a public trail!

- 77 people died of Beijing rain this summer, but so far no one comes out claiming responsibility, while a foreigner's natural death years ago would make the president, the premier, and the vice premier so upset and excited. This country is very sick now.

- Where were you, Premier Wen Jiabao, when 77 people died in the storm? Were you ill again? [After the Wenzhou high speed train collision, the current Chongqing chief Zhang Dejiang ordered to bury the engine so as to destroy the evidence, while Premier Wen only visited the site 11 days later in the excuse that he was very ill and the doctor made him stay in the bed. But soon after the photos and the news reports on his daily activities during that period were spread like wild fire across China's cyber space, proving he was not on the bed but happily chatted with foreign dignitaries on daily basis. What can you expect from a man who dares to lie to your face, and publicly. This guy not only lacks integrity, but intelligence - Multipletext]

What Chinese Say about the Bogus Murder Trial
Origins of Chinese Premier Wen & Political Prisoner Gu


1 August 2012, the 85th anniversary of the establishment of the PLA that was chiefly founded by late leader Mao Zedong and directed solely under the invicible Mao Zezdong Throught, and is expected to be loyal to no one else but the core interest of the Chinese nation and the 99% of Chinese people.

Any earthly occurrence is an expression of consciousness. Until the cause of a particular consciousness is addressed, its expression cannot be suppressed. When one form of expression of a consciousness with an unresolved issue is blocked out in one occasion, another presentation of this certain consciousness will be articulated sooner or later. Further more, the expressions are not confined with human actions; they can also be channeled through the force of Nature.

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