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On the Eve of 75th Anniversary of the Lugou Bridge Incident

8 July 2012

Chinese People from Taiwan Province:

A group of 9 people, mainly from Taiwan Province led by Mr Huang Xilin and Mr You Mingchuan (中华保钓协会黄锡麟, “全家福”船长游明川), arrived at Diaoyu Islands on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Lugou Bridge Incident, and raised a national flag.


鹤舞白沙 (


长途奔袭 (


郭松民 (


Chinese People in Hong Kong:

There were also activities commemorating the Lugou Bridge anniversary in Hong Kong on 6 July when people paid tribute to 300,000 victims and vowed to defend the Diaoyu Islands.

Japanese in China:

For over a year, the vehicle tyres in a residential district in Nantong were often stabbed. No one knew who did it, until the residents installed a surveillance camera. It turned out that culprit was an alien: A 60-year old Japanese karate coach. While making his living in China, he can not contain his hatred for Chinese people. Like many of his countrymen and countrywomen, including the current mayor of Tokyo, he loves to show people the films that praise Japan's militarily achievement during the WWII and denies the Rape of Nanjing.


People in the Ryukyu Islands demand independence since that country was never part of Japan historically until 1879 when Japanese "imperial" army occupied its territory by force.

A typical Japanese warrior 100 years ago - looks rather alien

July 7, 1937
Beijing Lugou Bridge

On the night of July 7, Japan decided to once again challenge China's sovereignty and resumed military manoeuvres without advanced notice. The Chinese troops were alarmed and a brief fire were exchanged.

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