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The Crimes to Remember!

8 July2012

Rape of Nanjing is one of the most horrendous genocidal massacres in human history, in which 300,000 Chinese were killed by invaded Japanese military force.

The mutilated bodies of Chinese babies with their eyes scooped out and their tummies cut open by Japanese troops.


Japan's unconditional surrender after the defeat in the WWII
- This should be the moment for Japan as a nation to remember constantly, since it may not have a chance to surrender next time if it commits the same crimes or plans to commit the same crimes again


What the World really Needs to Know About Japan's Cannibalistic Tradition

The bataan death march is a useful but wretched place to start, for anyone wishing to equip themselves with more stories so brutal than they can freeze parts of my mind for a few seconds, then leave me quiet for hours ...

Let's Cut Her into Seven Pieces

The photos taken at a Japanese dinner party demonstrate the deep rooted obsession with a cannibal culture in Japan.

Unit 731, Japanese Bio Warfare Army

Photos evidences that how Japanese medical scientists carried out their research work in Harbin and what significant progress in bio warfare they have made in 14 years of period from 1931 to 1945.

Japan's War Plan behind the Fishing Trawler Incident

Japanese government has no intention to settle the dispute within the relevant international law right from the start, but is in pursuit of a military solution over the issue. Earlier in May Japan informed Taiwan that it decided to push the national defence boundary for aerial incursions over the East China Sea further west towards Taiwan's aerial border, which has effectively expanded Japan's territorial air space. All these evidences point to one thing that Japan is plotting to expand its maritime territory and seize marine resources through war, and the Diaoyu Islands incident is part of this big plan.

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