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Unite, to Resist
global Bankers' 4th Reich!

4 July 2012

Chongqing Evening News on 15th April: Sometimes you have to land on the bottom of a gully to be able to resurrect high to reach the summit of the hill range!

East India Company Reborn? (1)

Some Celtic Crusaders are discussing a plan to establish a new East India Company for the 21st century.

East India Company Reborn? (2)

The following passages from the paper titled From Down Under to Top Centre prepared by a research fellow at Transatlantic Academy outline the strategy to revive the spirit of the new age East India Company in Asia:

Washington’s strategic cognoscenti are crafting a revolutionary new doctrine, entitled the AirSea Battle Concept6 which calls, among other things, for a seamless cooperation between the US Navy and Air Force in order to offset Beijing’s growing anti-access prowess.


Stop TPP

From July 2 to July 10, the political leaders of the Pacific Rim nations are meeting in San Diego to turn the Pacific Ocean and its peoples into a giant privatized corporate lake .

The nations involved are the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Chile, and Peru. Japan, Mexico and Canada have indicated a desire to join.

Saturday, July 7, 11 am - Major Pots and Pans March to STOP TPP! Bring Your Pots and Pans and Drums! Gather at 10:30 am in Freedom Plaza (Civic Center). March at 11 am. Rally at noon at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel!

We will march with pots and pans, and drums to kick off an international week-long conference and roundtables on what is wrong with the TPP Pact and what are the people’s alternatives.

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