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Chinese People Celebrate A Political Prisoner's Birthday

4 July 2012

A Chinese cyber warrior's poem written on Bo Xilai's birthday:


- In this dark moment, we light a red flame, waiting for the sunrise. Mr Bo Xilai, wish you a happy birthday!

This is a big character post appeared on Chongqing street on 3 July with a yellow ribbon tied below. The post reads:

Mr Bo, today is your birthday. People in Chongqing wish you the best, and people in Chongqing thank you for what you did. For our happiness, you get yourself in trouble. Where are you now? We are waiting for you to return to us and lead us to work towards the goal of getting rich together.

- For the sake of justice, for keeping our last hope alive, for the spirit of integrity, we wish you a happy birthday and look forward to your return.

- Today is your birthday. Early in the morning, I released a troop of white doves carrying fresh leaves, hoping they can bring my best birthday wishes to you.

- Bo Xilai's compassion touches the nation; Bo Xilai's virtue moves the heaven.

- Happy birthday to Bo Xilai, long live justice!

- If they can't correct the wrong verdict against Bo Xilai, CCP is done! Too many opportunists have occupied the high offices.

- No matter how difficult the situation might become, we'll never leave you alone. Even after I fall on the ground, my heart will still hold you up. -- Today let's sing a song to wish you a happy birthday.

- Bo Xilai, your people need you badly. Please take care of yourself.

- Justice will never die, and people's hope can never be quashed.

- Heaven is watching, Earth is watching, and the good man will be rewarded.

- We'll all live to see off Wen Shen [Wen Jiabao].

- Let's sing "Wish You Well" together. Now we are in the deepest night, while our destiny is still far away, China needs him ~~ he must hold on, he must hold on!

- As long as he is all right, China still has hope.


You Are Not Alone

Did you have to go,
Leaving this nation so cold?

You never said goodbye,
No one tells us why.

But you know and we all know,
That you are not alone.

Though you're far away,
We are here to stay;

Though we're far apart;
You're always in our heart.

Birthday Wishes

Map of Chongqing is like a phoenix reborn from ashes.

The following is the excerpt of a message left on a blog by Li Wangzhi - Bo Xilai's first born from his first marriage:

李望知 (薄熙来之子)[海外某博客留言]:




Today is my father's birthday. I haven't seen him for quite a long while, and miss him very much.

During his five years in Chongqing, I never set my foot there. But some time ago, I went there alone. I observed a great progress made in the recent years and heard stories about how hard he worked for the city's development.

I wish I can see him again soon, and I want to stay by his side regardless where he is.

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