63 Years ago today, a resistance Leader was born in China

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63 Years ago today, a resistance Leader was born in China

3 July 2012

Chinese people have launched guerrilla warfare in China's cyber space against the powerful local collaborators of the world government headquartered in a White (Supremacy) House and figure-headed by a semi-black man.

The self-appointed world ruler recently solemnly declared the following: An Australian man has committed a crime of "treason", not against his own nation but the United States, thus should face trail in an US court; a British man is guilty of copyright offence, not according to the laws of his own country but that of the United States, thus should serve his time in an US prison; some Canadian citizens have irritated, not their own government but the regime of the United States, thus their personal data that US authority collected from Canadian authority can be freely passed on to third country without Canada's consent.

While so many governments handed over the sovereign rights to a foreign ruler, people around the world, naturally, begin to look for the brave hearts to lead the resistance movement, which is why in China Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun are so sorely missed ....

Below are some bullet holes produced by China's cyber snipers on the eve of Bo Xilai's birthday:

People in Chongqing tie yellow ribbons on trees and poles along the streets, expressing their wish for Bo Xilai's to return home safely.

- Yellow ribbons bring forth our greetings to Bo Xilai, along with our hope that we shall see him free before long!

- Another Dragon Boat Festival arrives. 45 years ago [On the early days of the Cultural Revolution], over a hundred girls and boys from high officials families were locked behind bars in Beiyuan Youth Detention Centre, among them three brothers were from Bo family [Bo Xilai and his older and younger brothers]. On a Dragon Boat Festival Day, my friends and I packed simple snacks with our school bags and tossed the packages over the wire fence into their arms. Now 45 years passed, which is quicker than you could snap your fingers. But this festival we are unable to toss food packages to him since the fence around the detention site is too sophisticated to be meddled with. However, our hearts and minds can still transcend through space to reach him. Bo Xilai, your old pals miss you heaps.

- Now those who persecuted them during the Cultural Revolution call their victimes the remnants of the Cultral Revolution. You need to be a real human scum to be able to turn the black into white like this.

- Happy birthday to Bo Xilai!

- I know now is not a happy time, but I still want to wish you a happy birthday and hope you can feel the love from hundreds of millions of people around the nation.

- Today is CCP's 91th birthday, two days later is Bo Xilai's birthday. I only wish genuine CCP members, like Bo Xilai, to have a happy birthday.

- I wish all Bo Xilai's family members can reunite soon and live happily together in peace.

- I didn't know when is his birthday, but now I know and I'll remember this day as long as I live.

- Happy birthday Bo Xilai. You are not alone, and you have the support from a billion Chinese people. People are powerful, believe me.

- I don't have a yellow ribbon, I'll weave one myself.

- Heaven bless Bo Xilai.

- Here is an audio file where you can hear cuckoo's singing, which sounds like Bo-Gu, Bo-Gu [Bo Xilai and his wife Gu Kailai]

- Heaven will bless the good man!

- I feel so sorry for Chongqing [now under eunuch Zhang's rule]

- Anyone who tries to harm Bo Xilai will meet doomed fate, we vow!

- The national traitors will be made to pay for their crimes.

- Free Bo Xilai!

- Since Wen Jiabao keeps pushing the country to the edge to cliff, I'm confident that the first one to fall into the abyss will be Wen Jiabao himself.




—— 真共产党人刘伯坚:1901-1935

I'm shuffled along the streets,
With handcuffs and fetters,
In the sight of sorrow, query or tease,
My heart is at a total ease.
For the true independence of the nation,
I wouldn't mind to lose my own freedom;
For the suppressed to gain liberation,
I'm willing to die in prison.

On lunar 5th day of fifth month, the traditional Dragon Boat Festival (端午节) that is in commemoration of the death of patriotic Chinese poet Qu Yuan (屈原), Lady Yu Shuqin (于淑琴) - known as Bo Xilai's eldest sister, who was raised up by Bo Xilai's parents after her father was killed by Nationalist government, now ruled the tinny island Taiwan - composed following poem in the morning and recited it to over ten thousand Bo Xilai's supporters who watched the video interview in the evening:





More poems from Bo Xilai's supporters:







两鬓风霜【七古· 赠战友】



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