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Beijing Tiananmen Square 26 July 2012
the Day when the regime announced
It Is to Push for political persecution of Bo Xilai family

26 July 2012

Tragic: Dark birds blackened Beijing's gray sky and the red national flag on 26 July 2012 hours before the news release.

What Heaven Says
About the regime's Persecution of Bo Xilai and his family?

Stunning: Snow fell on 12 July 2012 in Chinese capital in the middle of the sweltering Beijing summer.

Horrifying: Sunset scene on 19 July 2012 in Guangdong, the virtual economic, cultural and political colony of the United States.


What Earth Says
About the regime's Persecution of Bo Xilai and his family?

On the same day when Beijing was snowing briefly, a "Peace" bell (太平钟) in Chengdu, where the episode of Bogus case first unfolded, fell on the ground (平安终) as the chain of the "peace" was broken.

此新中国历史上最无能最腐败最缺德的组合以一场瘟疫始(温家疫),以五胡乱华终(今上胡、废上胡、西胡、东胡加满胡 )。

What Chinese Say about the Bogus Murder Trial


Snow fell in Beijing on 12 July 2012








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