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Resist the Fourth Reich

9 June 2012

The resistance warriors stand up to the Fourth Reich. Outside the venue for Bilderberg Meeting 2012, a banner bears the loud message: "Say no to the Bilderberger! New world get out!"

Police moved in, one resistance warrior falls to the ground...

Another resistance warrior falls to the ground

But more rise up... Alex Jones, a resistance leader, the radio host from, declares a people's war against Bilderberg, because it is -

- a global mafia

- the scum

- the spawn of Satan

- with its conspiracy to form a world government!

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A recent Drudge poll shows nearly half of the respondents now no longer buy the bizarre tale about aliens or lizardmen associated with the ancient, mysterious and wicked organizations but come to the realization that it is the Nazi remnants and their inheritors that try to resume their broken dream of dictating the world.

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