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Bilderberg Cheng Li:
The Source of the Most slanders against Bo Xilai Group

7 June 2012

Since 14 March, when Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao made outrageous accusations against Bo Xilai and Chongqing which outraged the Chinese public, outlandish claims related to Bo Xilai group kept popping up like a cluster of filthy bubbles oozed out from a manure pool in old fashioned Chinese farmland around Shanghai, and the bubbles, amazingly, all found their way onto Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas media directly or indirectly funded by CIA, and onto mainland media directly or indirectly controlled by Wen Jiabao's State Council. But if you think these claims are the result of the free (false) expression generated by a bunch of morally corrupted media guys, you may need to question why the whole smear campaign is so well orchestrated. The truth is there are invisible hands directing the show, and one of such hands is from a Bilderberger named Cheng Li (李成).

Cheng Li was captured on camera as his vehicle approached the compound for Bilderberg Meeting 2012. (Photo by Hannah Borno -

Who is Cheng Li? Well, this junk was born to an authentic Chinese couple in Shanghai but now is a member of Bilderberg Group working on subjugating Chinese nation to the dictatorship of the global government formed by financiers chiefly from the US, the UK and Israel.

Bilderberger Li initially went to study for his postgraduate degree in America in 1985 and became an American citizen after Tiananmen Square incident in 1989. Like his old townsman, Rio's former employee, Hu Shitai, and his new countryman Gary Locke, he gains his position and collects his wealth by selling out the interest of his own people, despite many of his extended family members still live in China.

李成,彼尔德伯格集团成员,出席了2011、2012年会。汉奸李出生于上海,毕业于上海华东师范大学外语系。1985年自费赴美留学,并获得加州大学伯克利分校亚洲学硕士和普林斯顿大学政治学博士学位。现任美国布鲁金斯学会约翰桑顿中国中心研究主任及高级研究员, 美中全国关系委员会常务执行理事,美国国会中国工作小组顾问委员会委员,百人会副主席,世界银行顾问,和美国当代国际事务研究所常务董事。


The following are the main claims made by Cheng Li on April 18, 2012 in an interview with Anton Wishik, which not only become the source of the media defamation campaign against Bo Xilai group but Wen Jiabao government's official line in dealing with Bo Xilai case (以下是共济会后台组织彼尔德伯格集团成员李成4月18日接受媒体采访时谈及关于博谷王案件的要点,这些要点后来不断出现在西方反华及美港台汉奸媒体上,并不断与温家宝集团对薄熙来和重庆路线的指控遥相呼应):

1, Bo Xilai is "advocated an ultra-egalitarian and ultra-nationalist development model for China, known as the 'Chongqing model.'" (薄熙来在重庆推行的是极端平均主义和极端民族主义路线

5, What Bo Xilai did in Chongqing is a "Cultural Revolution–style initiatives" (薄熙来在重庆大搞文革

10, "The ongoing criminal investigation will touch on Bo’s business dealings, the charge that he may have paid leftist intellectuals to help propagate his radical ideas" (接下来的调查将涉及薄熙来的生意往来,并牵涉到他付钱给左派学者为他的激进思潮作宣传的问题

3, There have been many charges related to Bo's tenure in Chongqing involving torture, false charges, and corruption.(有许多关于薄熙来在重庆刑讯逼供、诬陷栽赃和贪污腐化的指控

4, Bo’s wife is related to the murder or assassination of British citizen Neil Heywood. (薄熙来的妻子谋杀了或暗杀了英国公民

2, Wang Lijun’s attempted defection to the United States (王立军试图叛逃美国

8, "Wang may also be charged with abuses stemming from his time as police chief of Chongqing." (王立军将因在重庆逼供信而受罚

7 "Wang Lijun will also be imprisoned, though his sentence will be much less severe, largely because he has contributed to Bo’s fall by reporting some of Bo’s transgressions to the central leadership." (王立军也会被判刑,但会因交待薄熙来谋反而被轻判

9, For Bo, "the next step is being formally expelled from the Central Committee and Politburo, since he has merely been suspended from these posts. This will take place at the Central Committee meeting, which will likely be held early in the summer." (下一步是将薄熙来开除出政治局,将在初夏中央全会上宣布此一决定

6, "The charges against Bo’s wife Gu Kailai are extremely serious and could potentially lead to capital punishment or life imprisonment." (对谷开来的指控非常严重,她可能会因此被判死刑或无期

11, Bo Xilai "may have been involved in the murder of Heywood". "It is highly likely that Bo will face life in prison as a result of these charges. (薄熙来可能参与了海伍德的谋杀,并会因此而被判无期徒刑

Full interview can be viewed at ""

Combined with other factors, we do have reasons to suspect if Bilderberg Group is in fact running Chinese government through Wen Jiabao's Bilderberg contacts.

Here are what Chinese said about hanjian Cheng Li at and


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