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A Little Biker's Adventure

6 June 2012

Can you find anything unusual in this busy intersection? Yes, there is a small figure on a tiny bike.

How small this human figure is? About as big as a three-year boy. Why is this biker guy so small? Because he is a three-year old boy.

The tough biker has lived his entire life in Premier Wen Jiabao's darling city Wenzhou where privatisation of everything is urgently on the way, particularly in the financial sector. The boy learned the trick and resolved to privatise a portion of city roads for his toy bike without public consent.

According to a report by 东方网, after the boy was picked up by his grandfather from kindergarten in late afternoon, he decided to pick up his mother working at a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet. So he set out on his toy bike to see the world when the head of the family was in bathroom.

It was lucky that on his long voyage of about 2 kilometres, the boy did not hurt himself, but the chaos he caused was spectacular. Fortunately his adventure was halted by a traffic police.

Will Bilderbergers' ambitious journey of ascending the world ruling platform, which bears all of Hitler's hallmarks, also be stopped before they turn the most counties into zombie states, a collective of shadowy existence controlled by their masters?


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