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When Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao Said Not to Dismiss Different Opinions

24 June 2012

The following are the Chinese public response to Premier Wen Jiabao's claim:

- You say you wanna listen to different opinions, and you sent your men to shut down all those websites with different opinions, do you think that's the thing a decent human being would do?

- He is a two faced man

- He has different faces before and after makeup for his daily stage performance.

- He call people with opinions different from his as remnants of the past, that is his true opinion about the different opinions.

- Shortly after Wen Jiabao's son bought 300 million insurance shares from Ping An Insurance with 47 million yuans of loan from the state bank, the insurance companies was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and the value of his shares immediately increased 24-fold to 7.2 billion, and Wen family earned 153 million profit with Chinese tax payers' money. Please tell the world it is just a rumour.

- Wen Jiabao's family is one of ten richest households in China - is this also just a rumour?

- Since Wen Jiabao's brother entered property market, China's housing price skyrocket. Please tell the world it is just a rumour.

- Wen Jiabao is the biggest manufacturer of China rumours.

- By turning Chinese people into guinea pigs of US GM company, Wen Jiabao has committed the crime of genocide.

- Wen Jiabao labeled Wang Lijun traitor, but it is Wen Jiabao who works with foreign powers to derail China's development; Wen Jiabao said Gu Kailai is corrupted, but it is Wen Jiabao who has transferred billions of public assets into his family's private purse during his eight years of premiership; Wen Jiabao accused Bo Xilai of running a huge deficit in Chongqing, but it is Wen Jiabao who ruined China's state saving to the point that China faces difficulties to provide old age pensions.

- On the international stage, China's antagonists all applaud Wen Jiabao, but at home, he is THE most loathed man in the nation, with a reputation filthier than sewage.

- Under Wen Jiabao's reign, so many workers lost their jobs, so many peasants lost their lands, so many women lost their dignity, so many traditions lost their value, so many heritages lost their protection, so many young couple couldn't find a love nest, so many toxic food on the market, so many corrupted officials are promoted, so much state assets are transferred abroad, so many strategic areas are controlled by foreign powers. Wen Jiabao, if you still have any sense of self-respect left in you, you should resign immediately! [This might be the only way to save yourself and your family! - Multipletext]

- You wanna view different opinions, but I can not successfully post my opinions online? How are you going to view them?

- Wishing Wen Jiabao to listen to different opinions is just like to wish a whore to remain a virgin.

- You wanna us to believe your claim? Simple, release the man from Chongqing who has different opinions from yours. Free Bo Xilai!

- It's China's biggest tragedy to have this man on the top job for ten years. He should be sacked long ago... [And should be investigated and charged too, along with his entire family, just like how he has done and is still doing to different opinion holder Bo Xilai - Multipletext]

- To Wen Jiabao, it is not about different opinions - it is the rage from heaven and earth!

- How many people died in forced demolition? Why you don't listen to their different opinions about what to do with their own properties? Just at this moment, the forced demolitions are still carried on and the different opinions on property development are still not listened to by you.

- Sham on you, Wen Jiabao!

- Whatever good for Chinese people are the things that you go against (like to promote healthy culture and eradicate organized criminal gangs as did in Chongqing under Bo Xilai's leadership); whatever bad for Chinese people are the things that you pursue (like forced consumption of GM food, purchase of US debts); whoever nice to Chinese people are the ones you persecute along with their families. Can a creature so evil like you still be considered as a proper human being?

- His wife lives a lifestyle as if she's a queen with million dollar jewellery on her neck, fingers and handbag. From where she got the money to pay for them? From Chinese workers' blood and sweets.

- He knows what he has done to Chinese people which is why he wants to rock China boat.

- They all say there are freemasons members in Chinese top level government, and Wen is the one. Is that not true?

- He's certainly the agent of the Western powers and the public enemy No. 1 of Chinese people.

- Wen Jiabao, we would not forget what you have done to us, and we'll get even with you, if not in ths world, then in another world.

- All the threads related to Wen Jiabao are full of condemnation and curse.

- Seeing so many different opinions against Wen Jiabao, I feel much better now.

- Where is the opinion that is different from those denouncing Wen Jiabao? There is virtually none!

- Wen Jiabao is not the only one persecuting good officials, but he is the only one so incompetent yet able to occupy the highest office.

- After reading all these opinions, I wonder what's the point for a man like Wen Jiabao to be born into this world in the first place and to keep living his life by now.

- I can hardly think of any other man in Chinese history who would be hated so deeply by so many people.




The above message by a Chinese Netizen was posted on 独家网 (, however, the website was shut down by Wen Jiabao's State Council Media Office (国务院新闻办) shortly before he and his gang in both US and China manufactured BuGos case on April 10. Also closed are dozens of other web sites with different opinions on Bo Xilai and Chongqing Model, for the mortal sin of "攻击党和国家领导人" (attacking the state leaders)and "妄议18大“ (audaciously discussing about the 18th Party Meeting), which exposes fully Wen Jiabao and his State Council's true face: a tyrannical dictator's regime, just like that of Obama administration and Cameron government.



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