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People in the World Try to Find a Way to Protect a Man Who Could Disappear from Sweden

21 June 2012

Wikileaks founder and resistance hero against all dictator regimes in the world has escaped house arrest in UK and sought refuge at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

While we pray for his safety and wish Ecuador government will make a right decision, we believe more can and should be done to protect a man who has risked his life to expose dark forces that could destroy all of us.

First of all, we believe the UK authority has once again proven itself as part of the Axis of Evil (you know surely who are the other two) thus the land under its reign may not be suitable for hosting the Olympics 2012 (We don't like entangle sports with politics, but it is the UK government and its NATO comrades who included this boycott/sanction trick into their universal values so we try our best to comply).

Secondly, Australian government who has bowed to pressure from US regime to persecute Assange - like what Chinese government did to Bo Xilai couple and Wang Lijun - should be condemned for being the accomplice of evil.

Thirdly, South Korea, a nation of fanatics who love to convert non-believers, should send a band of faith-devotees to smug Julian Assange to safe heaven - like what Chinese Hallelujah extremists did to Chen Guangcheng with the assistance of US embassy - if London Metropolitan Police is determined to arrest him on his way to the airport by the Embassy car.

Fourthly, Mr Liu Xiaoming, China's ambassador to UK should demand Cameron government to allow Julian Assange to travel to China for medical treatment for whatever the illness he might have in the past or could have in future, and nominate him for the Freedom Frighter Prize or Friend of the 99% Award.

Fifthly, America's 99% should work on removing the hurdle on Assange & Manning's journey to freedom, i.e. to bring global dictators Obama and Hillary to face justice.


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