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Chinese people Try to Locate A Man
Who has Disappeared from beijing Since March

21 June 2012

This is a post we found from China's microblog:

Man Lost:

Surname: Bo; name: Xilai. Disappeared since March 15.

The man was spotted at meeting of the National People's Congress 2012 taking place in Beijing as the leader of Chongqing delegates, and his last appearance was made on March 14. But since March 15, no-one knows his whereabouts. All Chinese with conscience and believing in justice are waiting for him to return to his official duty. Anyone with news on him, in particular those working in police departments, discipline committees or national security system, please share your information with Chinese public.

- Mr Bo Xilai, we are waiting for you to return to your office -- how many people like to pass on this message?

- I do, definitely.

- We demand to reinstall Mr Bo Xilai to his post.

- He will return, for sure!

- We support Bo Xilai, and pray for him and his wife and his comrade Wang Lijun.

- We are going through one of the darkest moment in Chinese history, and we need Mr Bo Xilai to help us get out of this mess.

- Except 0.4% (public assets) looters and their hired guns, all Chinese people want to see Bo Xilai back to his office.

- Down with the fake CCP gang! We call the return of the genuine CCP.

- People know best who are their heroes and who are the traitors.

- As long as CCP is there, he will be back sooner or later! Those who have persecuted Mr Bo Xilai will have to face justice one day!

- To save Mr Bo Xilai is to save ourselves.

- It's my duty to fight for his return.

- Yeah, you can count me in.

- Believing that he will be back has already become our faith.

- Mr Hu Jintao, please come here to listen to what people say.

- We demand the immediate release of Mr Bo Xilai.

- We demand the government to clear Mr Bo Xilai's name and let him back to work.

- Without his release, there is no way we would recognize this government as a legitimate one.

- Correct the wrong things done to Bo Xilai is last chance to save this government and CCP.

- Either prove to the world what the crimes Bo Xilai has committed or release him at once.

- I'm awed by Bo Xilai's personal integrity which is way beyond my imagination. I thought most of the current Chinese officials are more or less corrupted, but as long as they have done their job, I'm going to take it as a way of life. But I was wrong. There are still some people out there in government who are totally incorruptible, and Bo Xilai is one of them. Mr. Bo, I salute you for having restored my faith in CCP. Thank you.

- Bo Xilai has nobel spirit which is why those cunning men can't wait to get rid of him.

- If he cannot be restored into his office, the fortune for this regime is more or less over.

An online poll: If Bo Xilai is not in the leadership, will you still think this government is legitimate?

98.9% said NO.


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