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Obama Wanna Play God
While Gary Locke is happy to be a devil

2 June 2012

The Mainstream media in US keeps quiet on the revelation made by TheAlyonaShow two days ago about President Obama's Kill List. The above is the revelation and the below is the statement by TheAlyonaShow:

It just gave us even more details into what is the scariest, most disturbing course of action that this president has taken. He's decided to make the decision by himself on who lives and who dies.

While Obama intends to play God, his representative in China again plays devil. A terminal liar, Gary Locke once lied about US promise, lied about his role in his bother-in-law's debt scandal, and now he is reportedly done it again, making a claim about Chongqing incident which is in direct conflict to his earlier statements he released in March to Chinese media and later during an interview with Chinese scholar Sima Nan. He can't be honest in all three occasions, but must have lied either by then or by now.

What Chinese Say

About US ambassador's new smear campaign against Chinese national heroes Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun:

- Gary Locke is a homeless mad dog. There is no need to pay attention to it.

- He's just a rotten banana, in all aspects.




郭德纲 (one of China's most popular cross talk comedians)




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