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The Founder of a major US Corporate Media:
We Need to Reduce the Population by 70%

2 June 2012

This old man is Ted Turner, the founder of the US government's mouthpiece CNN, and an attendee of Bilderberg Conference 2012.

The following are screen shots of some popular responses to the video from YouTube site:

Who is Bilderberg? In case you don't already know, here is the excerpt from a Dutch article titled "I Was at the Bilderberg Conference", which reports a first-hand encounter with the organization at Bilderberg Conference 2011:

"Aanvankelijk heb ik niet geluisterd wat er werd besproken. We waren met zijn tienen en je bent enorm druk met de verzorging van water, koffie en thee. Je staat ook niet altijd in de zaal, we liepen ook telkens van en naar de keuken. Ik ving in het begin het nodige op over de wereldpolitiek, maar gaandeweg werd de toon toch wat anders.

Men sprak over de wens van een wereldheerschappij, een krachtiger Europese Unie en de invoering van een wereldmunt. Ik heb het allemaal in vlagen opgevangen en kon geen aantekeningen maken.Dat was ons ook ten strengste verboden."

"Initially I didn't really pay much attention to what they were talking about, but busily served the guests with drinks, traveling between the conference room and the kitchen.

But gradually I became aware that they were discussing about the world politics. They talked about the necessity to dominate the world, the need for a stronger EU and the introduction of a global currency. I didn't capture much details of their discussion, nor was I able to make notes, as which was strictly prohibited."

For decades, this shadowy organization works on strategies and policies aiming at subjugating the entire humanity under the rule of a single authority secretly formed by the financial, political, media and military elites from the West.

The Bilderberg Conference 2012 is taking place right now at the Landsdowne Marriott Hotel & Conference Center in Chantilly, VA.


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