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Heaven Above!
Beijing in the Mid of June

19 June 2012

In rugged Beijing weather in mid-June, heaven is clearly in rage. In the heart of the towering clouds flashes of the lightning strike through the thick dark mass in high frequency and the smell of a huge storm is filled in the air -

(Photo by 名字都被占了 posted on 百度2012吧)







-- 摘录于民族英雄文天祥之正气歌

Song of Integrity

There is a spirit of dignity
That is embodied in all great things.
On the earth it shapes mountains and rivers,
In the sky it forms the sun and stars.
While in man it is his integrity
That can fill up the entire universe;
At the times of nation's life and death
His moral courage leads to self-secrifice,
Which makes his name shine through historical records.

It was Zhang Liang’s service that is so selfless,
And Su Wu’s endurance of suffering without complaints;
It was General Yan’s head that willingly fell,
And Ji Kang’s blood which shed without hesitance;
It was Zhuge Liang’s memorial so heroic
That moved gods and ghosts;
It was the river-crossing oar so strong
That ferried the army to wipe out all invaders.

This is Chinese heroes' spirit of integrity,
With it they can never be held hostage,
Whether by other people's swords
Or their own greedy,
For their heart is full of hope
And their soul is totally free!

- Excerpt from a poem by Wen Tianxiang,
one of the greatest Chinese national heroes


The message above the picture reads:

"Bless you, looking forward for both of you to return home safely!"

This is a picture currently circulated in China's virtual space, which captures many Chinese people's sentiment right now: While they feel proud of the successful launch of Divine Vessel 9 (shenzhou-9) on Saturday that put China's first woman astronaut into space, they feel disgust for the top leadership's failure of astronomical proportion as Chinese government has bowed to pressure from the US regime and has aided US embassy/consulate & a Bilderberg-affiliated premier to frame and persecute China's national heroes and their family members.

It also shows no event can really draw Chinese public's attention away from this Bilderberg coup and persuade Chinese people to give up resistance against Western globalists' war on their inherited nationhood and civilization.

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