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Wang Zhen, A China's Resistance Heroine

14 June 2012

Wang Zhen (王铮) is a teacher at Beijing Institute of Economic Management, but she was absent from her work for more than a month and when she showed up again some days ago she was told she was not allowed to resume her teaching job.

What has she done to deserve such punishment, you may wonder.

Okay, she was locked behind bars by police.

What laws she has broken, you may ask.

Well, nothing, absolutely nothing!!!

It all started with two open letters she wrote and addressed to Wu Bangguo, Chairman of the Standing Committees of National People's Congress, in which she requested to visit a representative of People's Congress who supposes to represent his people, including her.

It's a reasonable request - surely she does have the right to meet her representatives. But it turns out it is a right that Chinese citizens do not have in reality, and when the representative in question is Mr Bo Xilai and when Bo Xilai is locked behind bars, without charge of course, it becomes a crime to make such request.

But yeah, we understand that it may not be the matter which Beijing police bureau alone can decide, and may not even be the issue which the Chairman of the National Congress alone can resolve, because Bo Xilai is the sworn enemy of Bilderberg and its representatives in China's top level government.

To make the things worse, in her open letters, Ms Wang Zhen detailed her visit to the members of Bo Xilai's extended family. She backed the earlier statement made by US authority that Mr Wang Lijun, Bo Xilai's police chief in Chongqing, did not seek asylum at US consulate.

According to the information Ms Wang Zhen obtained, Mr Wang Lijun was told by someone from the Central Government in Beijing that his assistance was needed in locating a Tibetan lama who is believed to be hidden in the premises. The lama is closely associated with the terrorist organization Tibetan Youth Congress that is behind the dozens of suicide incidents in the Tibetan regions. In addition, Wang Lijun was further instructed not to drive official car when visiting the consulate. It was only after entering the premises, that Mr Wang Lijun realised it was a set up, which explains why he would break down completely when he met vice mayor Huang, and cried out: "Somebody wants to destroy me." (有人要害我). For a guy spent most of his adult life dancing on the knife's edge with his real life stories heroic enough to make Hollywood heroes look pale in comparison, what can cause him to collapse psychologically? Not death, surely. It has to be something like the faith that is quashed, or the reputation that is tarnished, a matter that is so serious which leads to despair that he may never have a chance to clear his name, and his loved ones could also be haunted by false allegations for life. (王铮信中说,王立军并非自己进入美国驻成都总领馆,而是接到中央电话,称有一藏人喇嘛在领馆内,要求前去接洽,而且不要开政府车。后来重庆市长黄奇帆进入领馆接王时,王对黄讲了这番话。但黄奇帆未能把王接走,王后来由安全部的人接走。王铮表示,这段内容是薄熙来家人口述,并征得家人同意将内容公开。但在4月27日再次见到这名家人时,家人表示被警告不得再公开类似信息,否则薄谷两人都出不来。)

In her latest open letter posted by the end of April, Ms Wang Zhen declared that on May 3, she would go to Tiananmen Square to pay her tribute to the Monument of People's Heroes before visiting Police Bureau to report the case of unlawful detention of National Congress representative Bo Xilai.

But she never made that trip because three days before that date, police officers showed up at her doorstep and locked her behind bars for more than a month. Also detained were seven Bo Xilai supporters from Beijing and Chongqing who spontaneously gathered in the square after read her post, hoping to meet their heroine and go to the police bureau with her.

If a simple move of reporting improper or unlawful activities of some Bilderberg-affiliated Chinese officials can lead to a month-long detention and the loss of her right to work, imagine when Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun tried to stand up to or probe the allegation against that shadowy global power, what the pair and their families would experience.

What Chinese Say

to Wang Zhen when learned she was released from the detention:

- You touched my heart.

- You are a true national hero, Teacher Wang!

- My salute to you!

- Let them tell the world what the crimes Bo Xilai has committed!


What Chinese Say

About Wang Zhen when learned she lost her right to work:



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