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Wang Lijun Vs Freemasons

14 June 2012

Wang Lijun, Bo Xilai's trusted police chief, is believed to be the only Chinese high official openly challenging shadowy global power by denouncing Freemasons as the invisible hand behind many China problems and frankly criticised China's food and drug safety practices which are in the charge of Li Keqiang, a vice premier with a highly suspicious background.

The comments were made on December 3, 2011 at Chongqing Summit on Medicine & Society 2011 and GM Technology & Human Health/Safety Seminar, which we believe is the time when the organization behind Freemasons decided to destroy him and the man behind him. Wang Lijun was removed from his police chief post a month later and consequently lost the resource to investigate the "invisible hands".

Yet that did not deter Wang Lijun from keeping chasing after the shadowy force that works on its genocidal mission through gm food and vaccination [and the continuation of the one-child police imposed on the mainstream Chinese populations and the chief carriers of the Chinese civilization, namely Han people - Multipletext]. Just day before he was tricked into US Consulate, Wang Jilun made another public speech at a college in which he linked Monsanto's GMO push in China to Freemasons dark agenda.

The rest is history, and history will eventually expose Bilderberg and its Chinese members/affiliates as the "invisible hands" behind Bo Xilai, Wang Lijun and Gu Kailai case.

A poll on GM food and Freemasons conducted by

73% Chinese respondents believe Freemasons is aiming at taking over the world.







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