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Please explain ...
US Home-loan Deals

1 June 2012

A Chinese mentioned on his microblog a conversation between him & his fellow students and an economist, who helped drafting Premier Wen Jiabao's annual government report, about whether the money spent on US home-loan will ever be recovered.

"No, not a chance," the economist replied in a clean-cut tone

"You mean we will lost all those money?" the students pursued.

"Yes, there is nothing we can do about it."

The following are the responses to this post:

- China is a vegetable garden, everyone can come to take whatever he likes - a nation without a defense policy!

- If we can't make them to listen, we will have to force them to leave.

- Those in decision making positions have an obligation to explain it to the public. With mistakes so horrendous, they must not be allowed to remain in their posts. If they still have any conscience left within them they should resign.

- Allow them to resign? That's a punishment too lenient for their crime. They must be brought to trial.

- Why no one from People's Congress ever handed over a bill on this matter?

- They all say Premier Wen will resign as the result. Why he is still around?

- The Premier Wen's face showed up on the Times magazine, and old scum bag Mao Yushi got a prize from an America's [extreme right, neo-fascist] group - that's a good deal for them.

- No matter how big blunder they made, no one needs to take responsibility - no wonder they all want to hang on to their jobs.

- 3,000 billion, all gone.

- Yet we are now still lending more money to American government.

- He bought US debts and got his kickbacks.

- That's how he makes up his mistake: through inflation - oil price, water price, electricity price and gas price are all rise sharply.

- He who commits high treason must face justice.

- Among 28 major enterprises, 21 are now controlled by foreign powers, including Herbing Beer with 100 years of history. Since we entered WTO, what benefits we've got from that organization? None! -- Our government is selling out all of us.

- There was a period in history when Chinese court paid large sums to Tartars in exchange for peace.

- What are you guys worrying about. The money is lent to the US government.

- Check US government's records on the foreign debt payment in 400 years of history, you'll know why we won't be able to get the money back.

- That economist spoke in such an off-handed manner. Even he has not taken bribery, with his attitude, he should be kicked out from the public office.

- No nation will ever tolerate a national leader who trades the nation's security and people's survival rights for his personal fame and fortune, otherwise, the nation will cease to exist sooner or later.


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