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a Warrior Misses His Wife

13 May May

Xiju Opera (锡剧): Lady Li (李三娘)
Zhou Dongliang (周东亮, one of the best Chinese opera masters) as Mr Liu (刘知远,Lady Li's husband)



What Chinese Say

About a new round of smear campaign against Bo Xilai executed by Japanese:



Bo Xilai is a man with a strong faith in socialism, please do not try to understand him with your weak heart.



All those stories about Bo Xilai couple are just spiteful Lies.



Another phony plot. Last time they tried to drive a wedge between Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun, which failed miserably, and now they hope to damage Bo Xilai's marriage, but we all see through their nasty tricks.



Why are there foreign connections everywhere in Bo Xilai's case? The US, the UK, and now the Japanese.



Wen Pack is so low that keeps spreading rumours overseas to smear Bo Xilai's reputation and test public reaction. This crook will get what he deserves sooner or later.


很多很多问题已经反证了B W是清白的,某些人的胡作非为,让俺们看了个明白清楚,谢谢你们了!

We'll have to thank these lies which helped us to find out Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun are all innocent.


Bo Xilai couple

We share ... Bo Xilai couple share an enlightened moment with the potent force from the land of China.

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