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White House Fights for a blind Chinese man while Turns a Blind Eye to Bahrain's bloody crackdown

21 May 2012

Human rights activists condemn the US government for supporting a dictatorship regime in Bahrain by resuming arms suppliers.

Bahrain's "pro-democracy" protest in proportion to its population is the largest in the Middle East, but the Bahraini regime who frequently cracks down on the protesters in a brutal manner has never been sectioned or air stricken by US-led NATO.

Why is it so? You might ask.

US police's handling of the #Occupy movement in NYC, in Oakland, in Chicago, in Denver shall suffice to explain it: Washington and NATO are never really interested in protecting the "human rights" except using it as a convenient excuse to interfere, attack and invade other sovereign nations.

And then Bahrain's geological position also provides the clue to the answer: It locates opposite to Iran and has been served as the headquarters for US Navy's Fifth Fleet that is known in China as the symbol of the military threat to China's national security.

According to sources of Foreign Policy magazine familiar with the deal, the items on the list of sale include six harbour security patrol vessels, air defense communications equipment systems for Bahrain's ground-based radars, AMRAAM air-to-air missile systems, Seahawk helicopters, Avenger air-defense systems, refurbishment items for Cobra helicopters, night-vision equipment and upgraded F-16 fighter jet engines.

The protesters rallying in Bahraini streets shall be able to realise quickly who their true enemies are. (More at RussiaToday)

While US government militarily supports Bahrain dictator amidst his bloody raid on "pro-democracy" movement, Hillary Clinton flied to China to defend the "human rights" of a blind activist who was first smuggled to US's Beijing embassy by the men from US's Beijing embassy, then, along with his family, brought to America to study for his master's degree with free flight tickets, free accommodation and free tuition fees.

Below are some responses to the news "Chen Guangcheng: Chinese Dissident Leaves for US" at


I have a disabled daughter (42 years old) that's is truly disabled and has been waiting 2 years to get Gov't. help. I know because I've been paying her bills.
I'll bet this "dissident" has received more US Gov't. money in the last 3 weeks than she will get in 3 lifetimes, assuming she does get.

我女儿也是残疾人(42岁了)。她是真的残疾了,等待政府的援助,等了两年没等着。为什么我知道的这么清楚呢,因为是我在付她的医疗费用。我打赌政府用在这个外国残疾人身上三个月的花费可供我女儿三辈子的开销 - 当然她能不能从政府得到一分钱的援助现在还两说呢。


Need you ask why the world laughs at the USA !!!

无语,现在你知道了为什么全世界的人都把美国当笑话看。[除了中国爱沉思一百遍的星空大师和他率领的当代包衣大军 - Multipletext]


What does the U.S. gain from doing this? Why not save the money and help those poor and blind Americans at home instead?

美国政府这么折腾到底是为了什么? 为什么不把这钱用于救助国内的穷人和盲人?

Abdul Saleem

am I the only one that thinks US government is blind, not this guy???



Great! now he can fight for our human rights!


ron k

How long before he gets a phone call from Obama and an invite to the White house for a campaign photo op



He will be supported by private foundation funds ?? These funds are USA tax deductible . THE SUCKER USA TAX PAYERS WILL PICK UP HIS BILLS !!!



and who pays for him to do what he wants while we work ourselves to death



Wish the media and our government would take notice of the problems in our own country.



Just what we need, more mouth's to feed. so are government can stick their nose 's in their life. When they can not take care of people in this country who have lived here all there life.


Henryk Z

I wish Hillary would fly to the White House and negotiate a better deal for the American people.



He will be shock to realize that America is not what he thought it would be! Americans work hard to make ends meet and our govt. has it's own problems... We don't have gold paved streets. This guy, a human rights activist or not, is so annoying! Why do we have to rescue him and his family when...

当陈发现美国并非像他想象的那样时,他一定会把肠子都悔青。美国人当牛做马才能勉强温饱。美国有自己头痛的问题 ... 我们的马路并非是金子铺成的。这个人,不管他是不是人权斗士,都叫我气不打一处来!凭什么我们要搭救他和他的家人 ...


U.S. don't need Chen, and he'll be a problem in this country. Why taxpayers money is spend for him and his family living expenses & etc.? I'm still unemployed and the government is even planning to stop the unemployment benefits. We need demonstrations in New York , where Chen will live to show.

美国不需要陈光诚,这个人是个麻烦。凭什么纳税人的钱要供他和他的家人挥霍? 我还没工作呢,政府现在正打算取消失业救济金。陈住在纽约对不对,让我们到纽约去抗议。


According to figures released in 2006, of 500,000 bribery/corruption allegations investigated, 64 percent are related to international trade and multinational companies. Evidently some multinationals are targeting the officials in the central government, with the goals of forcing China to adopt policies that would allow them to secure big government contracts, to pay cheap prices for land acquisitions and to further lower the wages of local workers. Chinese people should unite to throw the trashes among the foreign forces, like Wall Street mouthpiece, the Wall Street Journal, out of China.

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