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We Share

14 May 2012
Share China cake

We share ... Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao invited the heads of Japan and South Korea, two major China antagonists in Asia, to share China cake which is made by China's 99% but not shared by China's 99% because Wen wants to save it for his personal objectives in politics and in economy.

SK President: If you're sincere about sharing, you should send your unassailable city administration force (城管) to prevent Chinese fishermen from approaching their traditional fishing areas in the Yellow Sea.

Chinese Premier: The force has heavy Stability Preservation tasks at the moment, as we have too many US Embassy gate-crashers lately, ever since Bo Xilai's police chief was tricked into that compound. Last week, an old couple from Henan traveled to Beijing and tried to enter the embassy, without success, of course, and my Stability Preservation men had to take them back and lock them up - just too much work. How about like this, you can keep harassing, arresting, torturing Chinese fishermen and sentencing them to prison for as long as you wish, I'll turn a blind eye to whatever you may do.

SK President: Sounds good to me.

Japanese PM: Now it should be my turn. Listen, if you're sincere about sharing, you ought to give away China's sovereign rights on Diaoyu Islands for free.

Chinese Premier: We two who and who? You people are my old family friends for Amaterasu-ōmikami's sake! I miss you guys soooooooo much, and I've already made a promise that whatever you do to China I will never get upset. Say my father's cousin, that uncle of mine, the former Tianjin Mayor - remember him? Yah, he once worked for His Majesty the divine descendant of the sun goddess and died for the sacred imperial course. I've also noticed that in some parts of Tokyo the radiation level is even higher than in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zones immediately after the nuclear power plant disaster, and it is possible that one day the entire Japan might be rendered inhabitable, while Diaoyu Islands alone won't be enough to accommodate over 100 million Japanese populations .... Look, I've quietly worked on a mission that is to vacant the land of China through stringent one child policy enforced by mainly Manchu and ethnic Korean directors, and through forcing Chinese people to eat gmo food that will reduce their reproduction capacities. Trust me, before long ... you know ... Oh, why my eyes are forever wet with tear, cuz my love for this land is so dear -

Japanese PM: Oh, no, you almost make me cry. All right, a Japanese newspaper will publish a fake interview against your political enemy ...


Washington's three henchmen in East Asia


We vow we'll unite to take China down

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda held their hands together in a gesture of solidarity when attending the launching ceremony of the "CAMPUS ASIA" in Beijing yesterday.

That is a visual expression of One World One Order under the US Federal Reserve Bank, which is the dream of America's 1%, and the mission of the 1% in China, Japan and South Korea. The goal of FRB's three leading henchmen is to further develop "CONCENTRATION CAMPS ASIA" in Beijing and in much of China tomorrow.


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