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America's 99%:
We Are Insurgent!

2 May 2012

Hillary Clinton:

So what! I'm not afraid of you. I have tanks, tear gas and the friends of American-government, one of which is very powerful and very rich who actually owns entire China and is free to give away Chinese assets to whoever he pleases. He also has a billionaire wife who owns heaps of jewellery, a billionaire son who owns numerous satellites, a billionaire brother who owns countless properties, and an army of spin doctors who diligently translate my lies from English to Chinese, and a troop of media cops who use Chinese tax payers money to gag Chinese tax payers' voice.

You may wonder why this guy wants to help me. The reason is simple - he is an honourable man, and wants to honour his debt. Yes, as you have already figured out, he owes me some big favours - I'm helping him to sweep his dirty laundry under the rug, and have assisted him to bring down his political opponents, one of them is actually the No.1 enemy of both of us.

This enemy of us, called Bo Xilai, looks great but in fact is very mean, who rejected to take my order and serve my needs. He has some rather strange ideas, such as believing he has the right to defend the interest of China's 99% against the Wall Street and its associated businesses, including Monsanto and Walmart. He also has some dangerous concepts, such as aspiring 共同富裕, meaning to get rich together - gosh, he must be a bloody communist, and a real one!

But thank God, he's disappeared from China's political scene, and now my friend has all the stage for himself and can do whatever I wish him to do. I understand many of you don't like to work as street sweeper, so he went to tell Chinese sweepers on the May Day that sweeping streets is the most wonderful profession in the world and they should keep doing it and let all their offspring do nothing else but sweeping the streets. So we can look forward to having Chinese kids to sweep American streets for us.

Now, since you don't need to sweep the streets, why do you still want to stay on the streets? If you occupy the streets, Chinese kids will have no streets to sweep.

May 1st Labor Day Protest


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