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Two Kinds of Chinese Women

12 May 2012

Gu Kailai (谷开来), the daughter of a Chinese general and Bo Xilai's wife, is a successful lawyer, the founder of Beijing's KL Law firm and the author of a popular book titled Uphold Justice in America, published in 1998 by Guangming Daily. The book recounts the legal battles that the author has won in American courts on the behalf of Chinese business. In one instance she has effectively saved $14 million of Chinese state assets. It is without doubt that Gu Kailai is one of the most talented and charming ladies in China.

This ugly and showy woman is the granddaughter of a China's old power-broker who was once led by the nose by some foreign powers. Having collected enough assets for his family by ruining China's collective rural system, his children live the lifestyle as if they came from China's royal household, and his granddaughter was once presented to the world as Chinese's "princess".


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