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The Swindler's Rule of Game:
Trick You Once, blame on Me;
Trick You twice, Blame on Yourself!

5 May 2012

If you are led into a trap, who should be blamed? The swindlers, yes, because they fooled you; and you yourself, too, because you are foolish enough to be fooled.

This world is full of virus, and if you catch cold, you ought to ask yourself, what did you do that has weakened your immune system.

- I've got a gut full of this stupid video. That US SOB who robbed our money and that Chinese SOB who gave away our money.

- The man in the video spoke the truth - the US regime IS the global headquarter of the swindlers, while the Chinese government is the club of the "fools" (by pretending only, 'cause those people actually know very well what they are doing).

- Which is why Chinese premier Wen Jiabao has got so many awards from the foreign powers.


Ugly truth behind beautiful lies

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