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the Supporters & the Persecutors of Bo Xilai
- A Showdown between China's 99% & 1%

28 May 2012

As Bo Xilai becomes the symbol for China's resistance movement against the rule of the 1%, China's Internet environment becomes more harsh than ever. With the prohibition of mentioning even Bo Xilai's name and any words that may associate to the Bo event, such as "justice" and "fair trial", and with the shut down of many web sites & forums that discussed the Bo incident, and with the closure of the accounts of numerous forum, blog or microblog users who praised Bo's Chongqing model, Bo Xilai's supporters have been forced to move their battle field offline, thus some real actions begin to gain strength and momentum in the real world.

The following are the graffiti emerged overnight a few days ago in Chongqing streets, apparently being sprayed onto the glass covers of billboards and bus info boards with red paint: Mr Bo, People of Chongqing Support You

The words by an online ID who posted the photes:

- Double Celebration (means Chongqing 重庆),on the streets, big-character posters, support!

A big-character poster in Wanshou Road bus station

A big-character poster in Gongmao bus station

A big-character poster in Nancheng Avenue bus station

A big-character poster in Sixiaoqu bus station

This online post is forced to abuse Chinese language due to China's severe internet censorship measures:

- Although not without doubt, still I believe the justice will prevail. Despite the fighting is fierce, fight we must, since doing nothing won't get us anywhere.

- One has to fight for his justice.

In the meanwhile, a new henchwoman from Premier Wen Jiabao's camp has been appointed to pursue further prosecution against Bo Xilai, and following are some typical online responses to her appointment:

- When she was asked how many officials with families migrated overseas, she said she had no figure on this. But that's her job - clearly she's not up to sctech. I think she should be fired. If you agree with what I said, please spread this message around.

- Yeah, get lost, Ma, don't occupy the toilet pit while you can't pee.

- Kick her out.

- Does she know anything else apart from money?

- Please investigate Premier Wen's family.

- Since this woman is bold enough to attribute the responsibility for the bullet train accident to Liu Zhijun, a railway minister who was driven away from his post half a year ago, do you think there will be any outlandish claims she dares not to make?

- The official who can hold up the justice is now locked behind bars [Wang Lijun - Multipletext]! Don't expect anything remotely fair from her.

- If she has the guts to investigate the jewellery business of Wen Jiabao's wife and private equity deal by Wen Jiabao's son, I may consider she is a fair prosecutor.

- She has been on the position of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection for decades, and during the time the official corruptions become more rampant by the year. It should be her to be investigated in terms of how many corrupt officials are under her protection.

- We demand to free Bo Xilai, Wang Lijun and Gu Kailai!

- She's the nail wedged into the Discipline Committee by Wen Jiabao. Whatever the conclusion drawn by this woman, there is no way I would believe Not a bit!

- So we now know the Bo case is all about political persecution.

- According to an online survey, of over ten thousand people responded to the poll, 98.4% said they are unsatisfied with the result of the anti-corruption work [done by Commission for Discipline Inspection]

- What do you expect from this foolish old woman?

- She's the henchwomen of China's political performing artist [Wen Jiabao].

- She should start her investigation by revealing her own family assets.

- What truth she can find in Bo's case? She's part of the culprit group that set up a plot to frame up Bo Xilai.

This is a list of the former middle and high-rank government officials who either committed suicide, fled overseas or have gone abscond, thus this is also a testimony to the failed job performance of the Commission for Discipline Inspection.


When the shadow tries to block the source of light, a hero's mission is mandated with the ring of the lord



What Chinese Say

About the bogus BoGus case



When a Chinese in Dalian (where Bo Xilai used to work as mayor) heard BoGus case, he was tearful, and said, "It shows Bo couple are not corrupt at all. Although Bo was a high-rank government official, they could not even afford to hire a hitman but had to do all the dirty job themselves."




That's because Bo Xilai eliminated all criminal organizations in Chongqing, so no hitman was available to be hired.

I wonder if in this world there is a murder charge more absurd than this one.



Once those devils draw the knife towards Bo or his mate or his family, how the drama shall end will not be a matter up to them to decide. Their descendents will be perused relentlessly by Chinese people generation after generations until they are all eliminated.








Bo Guagua, the son of China's national hero Bo Xilai and Gu Kailai, bravely smiles to the world

On 24 May 2012, Bo Guagua graduated from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and received a master's degree in public policy

Harvard Microblog Association:

Afternoon 24 May, Harvard graduation day, the main venue ... after the ceremony ... many chose to linger on in the Kennedy School .... but he [Bo Guagua] left quietly. His sight becomes clearer after being washed by tears, and his heart becomes stronger after blood flew through!

What Chinese Typically Say

to Bo Guagua on his graduation:

- After horrible storm, there will be beautiful rainbow! As long as your father is okay, China's sky will return to blue again one day.

- Heaven blesses you, Bo Guagua

- My heart is with the descendent of a family that produced so many national heroes.

- Bless you!

- Go go Guagua!

- You are not alone.

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