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Russia's Warriors, Philippine's Henchmen & China's Eunuchs

11 May 2012

While imposing section and threatening war against Iran over alleged plan to develop nuclear weapons, Washington announced its actual plan to spend $4 billion on upgrading NATO’s Western European nuclear arsenal, which not only once again displays US regime's presumptuous and insolent nature, but will certainly harm the security and safety of all European countries due to a reckless nuclear escalation.

The good news is that when the golden gates in Kremlin swung open for Vladimir Putin to re-enter the presidential office, a hopeful prospect of having a force to keep the belligerent and destructive US empire in check comes into the view, and the decision by President Putin to pass on the Camp David G8 Summit makes this prospect even more plausible.

However, when the US regime motions the Philippines to initiate territory war with China, Chinese government hands over more economic benefit to the foreign powers in a hope to purchase "peace", which only encourages and allows the War-shington to upgrade its nuclear arsenal against China, Russia and Iran, and keeps bribing Philippine President Benigno Aquino to further challenge the neighbouring country.

Where is China's Putin?

Sadly, at the moment, we don't see a China's answer to Russia's iron man who has the courage and ability to defend his nation, but found Chinese version of Benigno Aquino who is willing to serve whoever paying him.


Here is one more mission accomplished by Chinese Aquinos:


Chinese state media published the details of businesses run by Gu Kailai's sister, which include the address and the contact number.

And here are what Chinese people say about the illegal exposure by the government controlled media of the details about the legitimate private business:



I can't see any problems in her business dealings. Anyone can find anything wrong here?



I find she's rather poor comparing to ....



It only shows how uncorrupt Bo Xilai couple are, otherwise there would be no need to target Bo's sister-in-law.











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