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A Road from Washington to Wall Street

19 Mary 2012

The Wall Street financial institutions are secretly taking over US military industry and establish the world's largest private army, according to the reports on Dailykos and Alexanderhiggins.

The Wall Street banks:

The private Wall Street equity firms, Cerebus and Veritas Equity, that used umbrella corporations such as Freedom Corp (please feel free to muse on the irony of the name) to engage in firearm stockpiling, weapon manufacturers acquisition and mercenary recruitment have received huge funds from the major US and UK banks, including City Bank, Bank of America and Barclays.

The US government:

The Department of US Homeland Security is known to have just purchased 450 million rounds of ammunitions that are banned by the Geneva Convention. In the meanwhile, the feds are reportedly buying up all surplus ammo to the point that all the stores are ordered to stop the selling to civilians.

According to a DHS informant and recently leaked army manuals, the US government is preparing for a civil war with mass military detention centres built inside the United States and around the world.

The private mercenaries:

The private security firms that are recruited by the Wall Street include the notorious Blackwater (also known as Xe Services or Academi), a Christian crusaders with a genocidal mind set, which is the killing machine once sent by US government to Iraq and now being sent to Syria, and which is also the brutal force authorized under Department of Defense DIRECTIVE NUMBER 3025.18 to conduct policing operations inside the United States.

From Pentagon to Wall Street:

In June, 2010, retired U.S. Navy Admiral Timothy J. Keating and the former Chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) Sir John M. Scarlett formally joined the Chertoff Group's Board of Advisors. The Ertoff Group is a private strategic security and risk management advisory firm.

Since then more than a half dozen private companies followed suit by signing up former high-ranking government and military officials, which allowed the establishment of a network between the Wall Street, private mercenaries, the newly-created Homeland Security contracting business and the Pentagon.

The missions:

There are number of released or leaked documents shown that the White House, DHS and the Pentagon have coordinated and orchestrated the Occupy Wall Street crackdown in their attempt to protect the banks.

The latest document, obtained through Freedom of Information Request’s filed by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF) on behalf of filmmaker Michael Moore and the National Lawyers Guild, illustrates not only did US anti-terrorism units worked alongside Wall Street’s secret spy centres to crush the occupy movement but the White House and Democrats have actually participated in the campaign to crackdown the lawful and peaceful protesters.

Now a brand new “crowd control industry”, equivalent to China's "stability preservation regime" (another sign that Chimerica is forming as the two governments get more and more alike with each passing day), has emerged in the United States. CPI, one of the firearm manufacturers taken over by the equity firms, for instance, produces microwave and radio frequency crowd control pain inducers (similar to the US Military’s heat gun) which has been used in the raid against the Occupy movement.

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