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Resist NATO - the War Machine!
- #Occupy Movement Holds Coordinated Protest against NATO summit in Chicago and in many Other cities in US & Around the World
in New York City, in Boston, in Denver, in Portland, in Austin, in Rochester, in Los Angeles, in Orlando, in Quebec

21 May 2012

The march in Chicago is led by Afghanistan and Iraq Veteran Against the War
— Antonio Perez, Chicago Tribune

And is joined by anti-capitalism activists
— Chris Walker, Chicago Tribune

With the demand to free brave whistleblower Bradley Manning and bring war criminals to face justice
— Michael Tercha, Chicago Tribune

Anti-war march stretches numerous city blocks in Chicago and urges the NATO to end wars in Afghanistan and other countries around the world
— Zbigniew Bzdak, Chicago Tribune

But the US authority sends police to crackdown the protesters
— Abel Uribe, Chicago Tribune

Chicago police officers scuffle with Black Bloc members as the anti-war march nears 14th Street and Michigan Avenue.
— Alex Garcia, Chicago Tribune

A Chicago police officer punches a protester.
— Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

A street at Cermak Road and Michigan Avenue looks like a war zone after bloody police assault of the anti-war protesters.
— Scott Strazzante, Chicago Tribune

Last week, Chicago police officers promised ¨billy clubs to the fucking skull¨ to a group of activists they'd pulled over without cause in the South Side neighborhood of Bridgeport. Now they did it again at Cermak Road and Michigan Avenue.
— Chris Walker, Chicago Tribune

Will the brutal crackdown by the US authority stop the #Occupiers' protest movement? It failed to do so during the Vietnam War, mind you ........

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