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Obama's Darling Chinese Media Incites Civil War

17 May 2012

This is a message posted on China's microblog by the South City Daily, a Guangdong government's mouthpiece that used to be the only Chinese media US President Obama was interested to visit during his China tour. In the message the South City calls to take up arms and start civil war fighting against the PLA.

The following are some typical responses to the message from the viewers:









But the South City is not the only media that is willing to commit high treason. In today's China, to a sizable number of media guys, it is a fashion to be seen as anti-Chinese civilization and anti-Chinese nation, as which, they consider, is what their Western counterparts are doing. Below is another post from a Jinan web site. It claims that the nation's territorial integrity is totally irrelevant to the citizens.


Media sector's eager embrace of the anti-social and anti-state temperament shall be seen as a serious warning sign - it could be a preparation for the final strike to eliminate Chinese nation-hood.


He who plays fire will get burned sooner or later

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