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magnificent Chongqing:
From a rundown crime city to A modern metropolitan in just four years

8 May 2012

A sustainable Chongqing with blue sky and clean water

A livable Chongqing with rich cultural legacy

A progressive Chongqing with high tech architecture

An accessible Chongqing with a convenient public transport system

A forest Chongqing with parks dotted around the city

A healthy Chongqing with ginkgo trees along the streets absorbing air pollution.

A safe Chongqing with traditional Chinese moral values widely accepted and practiced.

What Chongqing Residents Say

About Bo Xilai:

- The Revered Mr Bo, you are awesome!

- Ginkgoes are beautiful trees - Mr Bo's taste, insight, wisdom, courage and charisma are just outstanding.

- Do you know why we love Mr Bo so much? Because he puts people's interest ahead of his own.

Bo Xilai had more fabulous plans for the city, but the dreams were smashed ruthlessly by Premier Wen Jiabao and his supporters.

Bo Xilai inspected a local hospital - but now who is going to heal a sick China?

Bo Xilai and his little team mate enjoyed a break from their gardening work - hope his break won't last long forever, because Chinese people need him to return to work urgently.

What Chongqing Residents Say

About Bo Xilai's forced tea break

- An online ID said if Bo Xilai can make a safe return, he will donate all his savings to the Central Party Committee.

- I don't have savings, but I'm willing to work hard to earn some money which I will hand over to the CPC in exchange for Mr. Bo Xilai and Mr. Wang Lijun's freedom.

- I'll donate all my money to save them.

- I will donate too.

- If can, I'll donate my heart - I'll be a loyal follower of the Central Party Committee if it has a courage to correct its mistakes.


The Victims of the US regime:

Shao Yunhuan (邵云环), Xu Xinhu (许杏虎) and Zhu Yin (朱颖), staff members of Chinese embassy to former Yugoslavia, were killed 13 years ago today in a deliberately targeted air strike executed by the US war machine.

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