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"A Happy Guangdong" - That is a lie

10 May 2012

I'm on the Top of the Roof

- A desperate plea from a village woman before she jumped to her death on 21 March 2012

Late last month, Ms Li, a native of Yangqi Village (杨箕村) in Guangdong Province, plunged to her death from the rooftop of her family house. In her death letter she accused the authority of forcing to demolish her home without her consent.

(Source: 吴广宇, 汪浩

Early this month, thousands of angry residents from Great Shagangxiangsha Village in Guangdong province threw rocks at the cops and lit firecrackers to force the police to retreat during an open confrontation.

The riot was prompted by the death of an 100-year old village lady who was subsequently buried in her family graveyard. The Guangdong cops demanded her poverty -stricken family to pay tens of thousands of yuans for earth bury, and threatened that if they were unable to pay the fine the coffin would be dug out and the old lady's body would be cremated, which scared the family so much that the lady's 70-year old son passed out when hearing the news. After the repeated pleas to the authority made by the family were all ignored, the fellow villagers got enough of the tyrannical government and besieged the office building.

But instead of talking to the villagers and addressing the grievance, the government sent police force to crackdown on the protest, which was why the rock throwing and firecracker explosion spectacles were staged. Also fell into victims of the villagers' fury were dozens of police vehicles that were smashed and turned over.

Such is the so-called "Happy Guangdong" aspired by Wang Yang, the chief of the province. This disaster-prone fellow first turned Chongqing into a crime city, and then condemned Guangdong to the hell of tyranny.

An official like this ought to be driven out of his office ages ago, yet he is still able to sit in his regal chair yap yap about citizens' happiness and liberation. Should not his boss or bosses take a hard look at his or their judgment in appointing him as provincial chief? And should not his boss or bosses also be sacked or impeached for the matter?

This is an online poll about Wang Yang's job performance in Guangdong. Of 449 people noted, 99.3% gave him a thumb down:

What Chinese Say

About Sow's City's boss Wang Yang, the Party Secretary of Guangdong Province:

- He brings bad luck with him wherever he goes. Look at what he did to Chongqing and what he has done in Guangdong.



A Livable Chongqing
- That Used to be true

There are good police chiefs in China, and Wang Lijun is definitely one of them. But he was tricked into a trap by a multinational crime organization and his whereabouts now is unknown.

Wang Lijun's boss Bo Xilai was ordered by Premier Wen to take a hard look into his judgment in appointing Wang as Chongqing police chief. Eventually Bo lost his office and his freedom.

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