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Chinese Call for Boycott of U.S. LC Beatrice

12 May 2012

LC Beatrice is an US multinational supermarket train with 27 stores operating in Xiamen, in China's Fujian Province, along. After its successful business ventures in Chengdu, Suzhou and Guangzhou, the company is actively seeking to open train stores in other Chinese cities.

However, Beatrice's CEO, a Philippine-born American citizen named Loida Nicolas-Lewis, is exposed yesterday as one of the key players behind the Filipinos aggressive anti-China movement over territorial dispute around the Yellow Rock Islands, which according to a Philippine researcher should never be an issue since historical evidences show the region has always been part of Chinese fishermen's traditional fishing areas.

What Chinese Say

- LC Beatrice is an exploitative company that bullies Chinese workers. According to some local staff members, during the interview they were promised that after three night shifts they would be offered a day break, but later on, they only get a break after four night shifts.

- All Chinese with conscience and dignity should boycott this company.

- LC Beatrice, get out of China.

- There are a lot of fake products found in Beatrice stores.

- Should it be the time for China's Commerce and Health authorities to get involved?


While Obama Administration is commonly viewed by Chinese as the main source of the military tension in China's South Sea region, this American business woman doing business in China is found to be the key figure behind the Philippine's noise over the territorial issue.

Chinese Netizens have identified this US citizen, the CEO of LC Beatrice, as one of Obama's key anti-Chinese warriors and vow to make her China business to pay.

One of her train stores in China which are the targets of current Chinese consumer boycott campaign.

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