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What's Behind China's Privatisation Rush

16 May 2012

Chinese Premier Wen JIabao

A great number of Chinese people view the current privatisation rush of the China's key state enterprises as part of a giant plot jointly engineered by Premier Wen Jiabao and his allies in the US government to serve their different purposes. For Mr Wen, his family, reportedly the richest household in China with tens of billions of assets collected during his nine years as premier, would be able to turn what they unlawfully gathered as the legally owned, while to those in Washington and Wall Street, their most potent competitor could be taken down and their unchallenged monopoly position in the world might be strengthened.

Chongqing railway completion ceremony

Bo Xilai at railway ceremony

On day during his time in Chongqing, Bo Xilai attended a completion ceremony of the railway construction project that links Chongqing to other parts of China. The following are what a cameraman recalled of the event:






After the ceremony, Mr Bo Xilai walked towards the crowd which surprised everyone. Normally the leaders would just arrive to make the most of a photo op and leave without saying a word. The security guys for a moment had a trouble to decide what to do, but before they figured out their next move, Mr Bo had already been surrounded by the crowd.

I was rather curious initially (wondered why he didn't leave straightway), then felt amazed (when noticed he seemed to walk towards us), then got disappointed (when the security guys tried to prevent the crowd from approaching him), then enthralled (when he indeed came to us, followed by all other leaders).

But eventually the chance meeting left me with my last regret: Why on the earth I held a camera in my hands! Otherwise I would have an opportunity to shake hands with him - he was just right in front of me.

Poem praises Bo Xilai

But the precious state assets accumulated through generations of hard work now are about to be given away in exchange for the profit of a few families.

What Chinese Say

About Wen Jiabao & State Council's decision to partially privatise the key functions (administration and operation) of China's railway system.

China railway worthes hundreds of thousands of billions yuans, while China's local businesses are so weak. Who will be able to absorb this monstrously large amount of assets? The answer is: the Wall Street.

What Chinese Say

- Like my factory. It was privatised a few years ago. Since then, we workers became casual labours, and now I don't even have a permission to return to work. These bloody suckers!

What Chinese Say

- The high treason gangs have eventually got what they dreamed of.

- They call this national-suicidal act as reform.

What Chinese Say

- It seems nothing would stop Wen gang's determination to drag China along with their hell-bound journey.

- They've been waiting for this moment for years, now they decide to take the final plunge.

- I wonder how many workers will lose their jobs this round and how many high officials will become multi billionaires.

- As long as the foreign collaborators still control the state council, China has no chance for a peaceful rise.

- So now this is the situation: everybody in China contributes to build the railway system for a few to earn money from it.

- They are forcing us to raise up and take real actions against them, believe me.

What Chinese Say

- There is no Internet freedom in China at all. Look here, 1,571 people before me posted the comments but nothing shows up.

- Which is why Bo Xilai must go. Had he still been around, they wouldn't be able to sell state assets at their will.

What Chinese Say


A Zen master teaches his disciple how to fast discern a person's true nature: If everybody says this is a bad guy, then this guy must have some problems; if everybody says this is a good guy, then this guy must also have some problems. A real good person should be the one whom the good people praise while the nasty folks would condemn.

-- Quote from Xuecheng 学诚, one of China's most eminent zen masters

Blood or Good and Evil



Chinese film: Blood or Good & Evil

mosquito sucks baby's blood


Bo Xilai vs Wen Jiabao

Good & Evil

Bo Xilai and people

The good man nurtures nation's future

An evil Chinese man auctions state assets

An evil man auctions state's fortune

What shall be the responsibility of Hu Jintao, the president of China? As the highest authority, he allows Wen Jiabao to harm the core interest of China's 99% for his personal gain, and let himself be surrounded by the wretched guys like Li Keqiang, Ling Jihua and Wang Yang who are perceived widely as a group of cunning men and sinister schemers, with no concern for the nation and no vision for the future, knowing only how to say what their boss wants to hear, desire what their boss fancies to obtain, praise what their boss wishes to honour and censure what their boss wants to condemn.

If a top leader cannot tell who are pushing the nation towards the doomed fate and who can help save the situation, what the justification for him to continuously stay on that commanding position?

What Chinese Say

About Premier Wen and State Council's rush for privatization of the state enterprises.



That Wentze (mosquito) is so audacious, openly sucking my blood. I only wish I can end its attack with one hard strike.











314答记者问,是“重庆探索”的成功,逼迫换旗派慌忙发表的一个“换旗宣言”. 314答记者问后,北京上下一片“412来了”的恐怖气氛,其冲击力之何以会如此强大,是出自其三个明确的宣示:




所谓薄王谷事件的“真相”,眼下已被政治乱局搞成一团乱麻,越来越失去意义。退而言之,即便“真相”确如官方所说[当然,此绝无可能 - multipletext],处理手法也荒诞到无以复加。美国政府对于其在海外犯罪的​​士兵,一定会千方百计地开脱;猪一样的满清政权,也只是在刀架在脖子上了,才屈从于洋人杀自己的犯洋官员。而对于一个在中国死掉、连英国政府自​己​最初都不去追究的老外,一个自称“崛起”的大国,居然要去主动“献礼”,此等不顾在亿万国人面前丢人现眼之举,只能有一个解释:“换旗派”被重庆探索的成功逼到了绝望​地步​,不得不出此下三烂之急策,不惜以主权换“外援”



——军队危机。“巧”的是:薄王谷案方出,南海烽烟即起;而怪的是:对于一个弱我千百倍之菲国,我军居然不敢对其出手,甚至一度撤船,国人大哗;更怪异者,将军级人物对此​​事公开异议。其实站在军队立场上不难想到:薄案既表明有敌意国家已深度介入内政国事,必有内鬼作祟,故军队非不能战,实不敢战也。而军中换旗派背景将军[美国人的"将军"刘亚洲- multipletext]出面“表忠心”,​亦​令人有路线斗争进入军队之不安。 .

——警察危机。打黑一事为重庆与公安部联手之作,千万干警已与黑恶势力结下仇怨。“灭重庆”与“灭打黑”紧密联系,焉不令警察人人自危。如是,又能靠谁去维稳?薄撤职后重​​庆迅即发生万人参与的万盛事件,原因诸多,但警察遭挫而不愿作为,实为原因之一。 ..










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