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Bo Xilai and his Teacher

7 May 2012

This is not a photo of a mother and her son, because by then Bo Xilai already lost his mother at the hand of a violent Cultural Revolution organization that Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao belonged to. Since then his teacher Guan (关老师) has cared and encouraged him like a mother does to her own son, and Bo Xilai has cared and loved his teacher like a son does to his birth mother.

Bo Xilai and his classmates took Teacher Guan for sightseeing in the Summer Palace on the National Day 1975.

Bo Xilai's friendship with his classmates never fade and his bond with his teacher never servered.

Give me Four years, I Show you a new Chongqing

One of numerous achievements that Bo Xilai has accomplished

Splendid night scene of Chongqing


挺薄 降温

A pretty Chinese girl wears a summer dress with characters printed on the front that read: Support Bo, Sack Wen.

What Chinese Say

About Bo Xilai:



We see a true bloke with the will of steel who loves his wife and his son dearly and deeply, has done a brilliant job for the 30 million Chongqing residents, dared to let the public scrutinize his family assets. For two months since he was silenced, he has been investigated thoroughly but no corruption or other wrong doing is found. So far there are still 80 to 90 percent of people support him online which is phenomenal.



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