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When Chinese Learned Premier Wen Jiabao Is about to Visit Europe

14 April 2012

Chinese Netizens left the following comments on Wall Street Daily's Chinese microblog at

- Take the opportunity to find a safe refugee for your wife and children.

- Don't bother coming back.

- I guess Falun Gong members will Line up streets to welcome Wen Jiabao again. There are a lot of people at the central government this cult organization wants to eliminate. Now one has gone, but the rest are still here. Keep working on it.

- Wen Jiabao is the Western representative in China.

- Leave the money, that you collected from us, home.

- Just bring your wife and children with you, and stay there forever.

- Is he going to report on his work in China to his boss in the West?

- Do me a favour. I say the kids in the Europe, please keep your shoes on your feet. If you really wanna throw something, find a brick.

- I would like to know when the f**k NDRC will rise petrol price again.

- He goes there to give our money away.

- Don't forget to drop by at Berlin to collect your lifetime achievement award at the film festival.

- Wen Jiabao is to auction Chinese state enterprises in Europe.

- They say they've offered him the leading role in a new film.

- It's his grand world tour show.

- So interesting to read all these comments! Now you shall know clearly how Chinese people view Premier Wen.

- Be careful, his men may track you down.

- If he reads the comments, he would die of grief.

- He is going to give Heywood's mother a good lesson - she's behaved like a typical remnant of Cultural Revolution lately.

- The tax revenue for the first season has just been collected, so he needs to give away some free money.

- He's going to buy his acting award with our money.

- This is China's reality now: The one said to be guilty of is sorely missed by the people, the one controlling the power of the state is passionately cursed by the mass.

- While he's overseas, who stars at China show?

- Find some casual actors from TV stations.

- I warn him not to give away our money.

- He has no choice.

- Or his secret will be exposed.

- Who are you guys talking about? Why you hate him so much?

- Wen Jiabao should do some investigation to find out why Swiss Federal Council only has 5 official cars.

- My prediction: Wen Jiabao will be in the same league as Qin Kuai, Wang Jingwei and Li Hongzhang.

- Look at these comments! Does anyone still think Chinese people will toe the official line? They sell off the people then expect the people to stand by them. Dreaming on!

- What are comments ....... which really make my day ==+


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