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Tomb Sweeping Day 2012:
A Record Number of People Pay Respects to Late Chinese Leader Mao Zedong by Visiting His Memorial Hall in Tiananmen Square

6 March 2012

It is a scene around Mao Zedong's memorial hall in Tiananmen Square on April 4, the Tomb Sweeping Day 2012. Over 100,000 people waited patiently in a queue that was about 3 km in length for a chance to pay their respects to PRC's founding father.

The problems with the current leadership and the troubled reality in numerous fronts, including social justice, economic fairness, political integrity and border security, are believed to be among the major factors that prompted people to turn to the late leader for aspiration and guidance.

The following statistics outlines the increased popularity of Mao Zedong's legacy among the general populations over the recent decade.

The number of visitors who traveled to Mao Zedong's birthplace Shaoshan to pay respects each year:

2001 - 1 million
2007 - 3.2 million
2009 - 4.5 million
2010 - 8.7 million
2011 - 10 million

On the contrary, the number of people visiting Deng Xiaoping's birthplace each year is only 2% of that to Shaoshan. As for other deceased top leaders, like Hu Yaobang and Zhao Ziyang, few ever even bother to mention their names, except the allies of the 1% in the US and their world-control tool the CIA who appreciate the efforts made by Hu and Zhao in helping "taking down China", intentionally or unintentionally. To the mind of many Chinese, the souls of the both men deserve to face trial in the other world over the severe damages they've inflicted to the nation.


Crime Report: The Remnants of Cultural Revolution Found Abroad

Chinese captions to the picture:

- It's terrible. The Cultural Revolution Remnants even emerged in the United States, which must upset Premier Wen greatly!

- The Cultural Revolution remnants are all over the world, Mao Zedong's thought will help us to eradicate all wen disease (瘟疫:virus pandemic)


One Man's Long March

A Chinese man known as Yiyangge (益阳哥) is taking a long march in China's rural area with a self-assigned mission that is to collect true stories about the life under Mao Zedong's leadership by talking to the old people who lived through Mao's era between 1949 and 1976.

"Chairman Mao is so great, those elderlies were full of respect for him whenever they mentioned him," said Yiyangge.

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