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The Thunder of Silence
- A circle Is to Complete (3)

8 April 2012

Back to April 5, 1976. A law enforcement force jointly formed by garrison troops, police officers and capital militias were promptly established, papering to clean up the premises. As the situation on the square became more volatile by the hour, the police lined up in a row pressing the crowd towards the exit at south end near a lush pine grove (it is no longer there now). But the people had no intention to leave, and when passing the pine grove, they collected pebbles and threw them at the cops. The officers retreated, and the crowd immediately surged back to the square.

Some of the protesters went on to lay siege of a three storey building which was served as a temporary headquarter of the joint security force, demanding the return of the wreaths confiscated, the release of the protesters arrested and a guarantee for citizens' rights to stay on the square and to mourn. The demands were not met thus a car belonged to the headquarter was turned upside down and burned by the crowd.

In the next couple of hours, between 1pm and 3pm, a van and two jeers were also set on fire.

The joint force summoned an army battalion plus 80 police officers and 200 militias to defend the headquarter, yet which did not stop the protesters from breaking into the building. At about 5pm, the headquarter was set alight and the commanders and their staff crew were forced to flee the premises through the windows.

It alarmed the government greatly. Strong warnings were issued about the square curfew. At 10:30pm, a joint force of 3,000 police officers, 5 battalions of garrison troops and 10,000 Capital Militias encircled the area around the monument. All the lights in the square went off in a sudden, then were quickly switched on again, brighter than ever. The officers and militias armed with clubs, belts and the legs from broken chairs or tables rounded about the remaining mourners and arrested more than 200. Although no one died in the incident, many were injured during the brutal crackdown.

What happened on the Tomb Sweeping Day somehow failed to deter the mourners from returning to the square to lay fresh flowers next day and the day after.

On the third day the authority declared the incident as a counter-revolution event, and forced everyone to participate in the condemnation campaign - this sowed the seeds of resentment deeply which made their final downfall become inevitable. Insulting public sentiment will certainly turn you into public enemy and no public enemy can ever end up nicely.

Half a year later the Gang of Four were toppled, and the majority of people in the country celebrated their demise.

Then how about the Gang of IIII (or spelled as W)? Is the circle of the history going to complete soon? Very soon?

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Truth fears no questions, only the lies are afraid of being scrutinized.

Non-co-operation with evil is as much a citizen's duty as co-operation with good.

Force is all-conquering, but its victories are short-lived. (A. L.)

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