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A Drama Staged Again:
The Thunder from Silence (1)

11 April 2012

The Thunder from Silence (于无声处) is the first literature presentation of the Tiananmen Incident 1976. The stage drama was created and performed by a group of armature writer and artists from Shanghai Worker's Cultural Palace (上海工人文化宫业余话剧团) shortly after the October Coup which ended Gang of Four's control of the government.


The drama is based on a true event which involves a handwritten book titled Collection of Tiananmen Poems. The book was compiled by a group of mourners pen named 童怀周 (Tong Huaizhou), which is in the same pronunciation of 同怀周, meaning "united to mourn Premier Zhou", and collects the verses attached to the wreaths and posted on the Monument to People's Heroes. The book was quickly hand copied by the readers and widely spread all over the nation, with the following four line poem composed by Railway Worker Wang Lishan (王立山) becoming the manifesto of the massive social disobedience movement:


In searing grief, the ghosts’ howls we hear,
As we weep, the hyenas coldly sneer.
Our tears are libation to the noble deceased,
Then, let our brows expand, and swords be unsheathed! *

After the crackdown of the incident, identifying the author of this short poem was listed as the national security case #1 , and a large scale man hunt was under way...

While in the reality, the Gang of Four failed to track down both the poet Wang Lishan and the compiler Tong Huaizhou before their demise, in the drama the compiler named Ouyang Ping was arrested.

The drama won huge acclaim in late 70s, and was restaged more than thirty years later in Beijing performed by professional actors from Haiju Arts Centre (海剧艺术中心), most of them with no direct recollection of this historical event. But new history is making every minute and China may once again approach a big moment which all people in China and around the world currently have an opportunity to bear witness to.

The following are some stage shots of the show about an event taken place 36 years gao ... or 36 hours ago ..... or after ......

Note: the captions are added by Multipletext and may not be entirely accurate. If some nasty errors occurred, that is at the fault of Multipletext.

Young CCP member Ouyang Lai (欧阳来) participated in the protest movement on virtual public space - cyber squares - and crafted an article titled A Group of CCP Members' Question (一群普通共产党员的困惑). During a date, he presented his work to his girlfriend Wen Winter (温如冬), and Winter shares it with her brother, and her brother later post it on the virtual wall of his cyber property: the Utopia Square.

In the article Ouyang Lai outlines how the problems in China's political, economic, social, cultural and international relation's fronts rapidly deteriorated in the recent decade.

He points out that the core issue in the debate around Chongqing and Guangzhou models is about whether Chinese government intends to serve the 99% or the 1% in the community, and insists that only Chongqing experience can renew people's hope that China's further development will benefit the majority in the country.

The article goes on to praise the achievements that Chongqing Model under the leadership of Bo Xilai has accomplished, which successfully transformed a crime city nurtured by the previous provincial government headed by Wangyang (now the communist chief in Guangdong) to a civil society with the highest economic development rate and best built and natural environments in the nation.

The article then questions Premier We's real motivation behind his move of framing Bo Xilai and crushing Chongqing model, and demands the top leadership to offer a clear explanation to the public.

The author finally urges the relevant government bodies to launch an investigation into mounting accusations against Premier Wen. Since Wen attacked Bo at the conference, his approval rate falls to minus 200 degree, and the majority in the community view the whole incident as his personal revenge against his political opponent. There are also wide speculations claiming Wen family has become the richest household in China with the assets collected since he became the premier reaching several ten billion yuans. Although Wen faked his family history by saying he came from the household of a poor village teacher, it is well known that Wen's uncle is a high rank collaborator (Mayor of Tianjin) of Japanese occupation army during WWII and was executed by PRC government in 1951, which seems to have influenced Wen to form a hostile attitude towards Mao Zedong, PRC and Chinese people in general. The article warns that allow a treacherous individual like Wen to keep remaining on the top position could bring about the downfall of China.

The following is the excerpt of this article in original Chinese text for which all Chinese left wing web sits are closed now by Premier Wen's office:


也就是在这种情况下,我们欣喜地看到,西南大地的重庆焕发出社会主义和共产党本色的曙光。薄熙来同志倡导下的唱红、打黑、民生使人民群众看到了真正共产党回来了,我们党的群众观点和群众路线回来了。 正是由于这活生生的实例,使我们周围的一些普通群众一定程度上纠正了对共产党的错误认识,同时也看到了社会主义的光明前途。



改革开放30年来,有中国已经形成了一个庞大的剥削阶级集团。这种利益集团为了在经济上维护既得利益并攫取更多更大的利益,必然发展到政治上的种种要求,并在党内寻找他们的利益代理人。薄熙来在重庆的所作所为,已经遭到西方反动势力和国内既得利益集团、各种腐朽势力的竭力反对。他们必然联起手来,采用各种直接间接、公开隐蔽等下流卑鄙手段诋毁、攻击薄熙来同志及重庆模式. 从近期国务院出台的一系列改革文件、政策,基本上就是加速私有化的进程。这是社会主义的改革吗?


[1] [2]

*English translation of the Tiananmen Poem credited to Wang Zhihai 王知还, one of China's most accomplished Chinese/English translators



What Chinese Say

About the New Accusation Invented by Wen's Regime against Bo Xilai






Bo family is a heroic household who fought and are still fighting for a dependent and prosperous new China. We will never forget what you have done for us!



Do not despair! Now we are in the darkest moment before dawn! Let's hold on! Besides, Bo Xilai will never fall, for his monument having already been erected in our heart, hasn't it? The ones who run the spiteful smear campaign against him will have a miserable end for sure!




Now I admire Mr Bo even more. Such long time has passed since he was dismissed, but they still can't find him any fault; under the public pressure, now they can only dish out a British man as their pathetic answer.

Please place yourself under public scrutiny, and we would like to know the financial worth of the premier's household.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao now is as strongly disgusted by Chinese people as the Gang of Four during the period around the Tomb Sweeping Day 1976.

His secret personal life is all written on his face ...

It is interesting to see a Chinese premier being loathed by so many Chinese but loved by so many China antagonists.

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